A first love is a best love

The first love: why it is the most beautiful and remains unforgettable

So it's no wonder that many think back wistfully to their first love. According to a PARSHIP survey of 1,600 singles, 22 percent of men and 31 percent of women like to remember the first big love in their life. Holding hands, furtive kisses, tentative advances - no relationship afterwards is like this first time. And even if the first love seldom lasts long, it remains unforgettable for most people.

And yes, we admit: the first love is also the one that you see rather transfigured in retrospect. Whatever it takes is glossed over, glorified and romanticized. But that's the nice thing about it. Do you fancy a little nostalgic enthusiasm in memory of your first love? Here are a few good reasons why first love is so absolutely unique:

1. You are still wonderfully inexperienced

Love, with all its secrets, lies ahead of you.

2. In the first love there are a thousand first times

The first meeting, the first kiss, the first declaration of love, the first time, the first time longing and missing, the first reconciliation.

3. You are completely surprised when you suddenly feel the butterflies in your stomach

An absolutely stunning feeling!

4. Red ears, clammy hands

Never again are you so wonderfully insecure as with your first friend.

5. There is only one first love.

The first love sets standards for the following relationships.

6. "Do you want to go with me? Yes - No - Maybe."

Never again does a small piece of paper cause so much excitement.

7. The first time someone loves us for our own sake (someone who is not mom and dad).

First love is a mega booster for the ego that you will never forget.

8. When you first love, you are still completely free of negative experiences.

You really think: "Forever!"

9. All thoughts revolve only around the loved one.

And suddenly it doesn't matter what the others think and say.

10. Stammer, stutter

When he's there, you're speechless.

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