How do I make myself fair

Happy people make me sick - how do I make myself really unhappy? Everyone is the blacksmith of their misfortunes, become aware of your inner saboteurs


Do you want to know how to get really unhappy? Why are happy people just hateful and highlight their own unhappiness?
In an insightful, entertaining and humorous way, the protagonists tell you from 12 true stories their suffering and their reasons for hating the happy people around them. Wrapped in monologues, they bathe themselves in their own unhappiness and self-pity and reveal their thoughts and feelings so that you, the reader, can draw your own conclusions for the path to (un) happiness. In this way, the various saboteurs of personal happiness are exposed, with which the unhappy people lumber themselves deeper and deeper into their painful situation. Because the more they become aware of the joy and happiness of others, the deeper they plunge into their own unhappiness. Hate, envy, anger and jealousy seize them more and more, but they cannot free themselves from this spiral of unhappiness. On the contrary, the most absurd reasons for hating happy people are formed in their minds. They even plan to destroy their happiness in order to become happy again themselves. But that's not how it works. Whoever does not overcome his resentment and even wants to harm others, will never stand in harmony with himself and defeat his personal misfortune, because these reprehensible actions will fall back on him.
In this way the readers can recognize themselves in these situations and take the opportunity to rethink and realize that the happiness of others does not conflict with their own and that hatred only drives them even more into unhappiness.
Happy people make me sick, how do I make myself really unhappy? Everyone is the blacksmith of their misfortunes, become aware of your inner saboteurs.


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Tello Talla is Cameroon-German with African roots and shaped by European influences and has lived in Germany for many years. His name means "the protector". He writes on socio-political topics such as burnout, depression, drug abuse and other topics that move and weaken our modern society. With his African roots, he often has an unusual perspective that opens up new perspectives, which clarifies and makes people aware of issues and enables them to take new paths through a changed view of things. With his diverse experiences, he writes books to help people become happier.

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