How do startup ISVs benefit from outsourcing


The scalable startup hosting solution with a vision

When building a start-up, a lot has to happen quickly and at the same time. Above all, you want to take care of your business idea and leave IT to a reliable partner. You therefore need a service provider who can help you with his experience and the necessary foresight. You are looking for an IT solution very quickly, which in the best case scenario is ready immediately. Last but not least, a partner who can support the growth of your company over the long term is important to you. This is!

We support your idea with our many years of experience and our extensive IT know-how. From working with many start-ups, we know the challenges ahead very well. You will therefore receive comprehensive advice from us, for example in the form of workshops in which the envisaged IT architecture is precisely analyzed and, if necessary, optimized. Together we will analyze your current situation and develop a comprehensive operating concept. We will then provide you with the necessary infrastructure and resources that adapt to your needs. Because we don't think in terms of fixed solutions and products, but rather flexibly find the technical solution that suits you.

As a flexible partner, we support your growth, because the more successful a start-up becomes, the more important the IT service provider's certifications become. In addition to data protection officers and IT security officers, we offer you ISO 27001 - IT security and the availability of several data centers in Dresden, Berlin and Leipzig. In addition, you will have a personal contact at your side right from the start. Because we attach great importance to an open and honest dialogue in order to be able to advise you individually and with an eye on the big picture. It also enables us to react quickly and answer your questions.

Trust in our experience and concentrate fully on your start-up, because we provide you with the optimal resources for this at all times. We are!

Your customers come first, ours too!

24x7 support

We do without call centers and long queues. Our staff will help you quickly and competently at any time.

Contact Person

An intensive dialogue is important to us. As a result, everyday challenges can be quickly resolved and future plans implemented at an early stage.


Standard products often do not achieve the goal. With a tailor-made solution, we offer you the best setup for your company

Life is good without your own server hardware.

Roberto Schulz

Managing Director, conono GmbH

The most important features at a glance


Goals and framework conditions can change again and again. Therefore, additional resources and short-term adjustments are no problem for us.


Absolute performance is central to your company. Thanks to our IT infrastructure, large amounts of data and peak loads are covered with ease.

Efficiency increase

Our services efficiently map the requirements of your company at all times by only using the resources that you really need at the moment.


All of your data is encrypted. Benefit from end-to-end encryption and secure access to your resources.


Our individual setups can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. We thus enable you to scale the required resources according to your needs.


We save your data in our data center so that you can access it quickly in the event of damage and be able to work again as soon as possible.