How does smoking feel compared to vaping?

How harmful is vaping to your body?

Chances are you've heard and read a few things about e-cigarettes. And maybe you are considering getting one or even already own one. After all, vaping is the new alternative to smoking. Stars vape, people who want to quit smoking vape and young people in particular seem to be enjoying steam engines more and more.
The e-cigarette market is growing, which many health experts around the world are critical of. In their opinion, consumers underestimate the possible risks of electronic steam engines. "There is a lot of dangerous misunderstanding about vaping," says Dr. Enid Neptune, Professor of Medicine at Hopkins University in Maryland. One of the main problems is that many people compare vaping to smoking traditional cigarettes when they are actually two separate things that clearly do not have the same effects on the body.
Here you can find out what differences there are between e- and normal cigarettes and what is really more harmful to your health:
Vape is the slang term for using an electronic cigarette or a battery-operated, heated device to inhale an aerosol solution, ”says Dr. Neptune. This liquid typically contains nicotine, flavorings, chemical additives and propylene glycol. "The claim that the vapors are actually just water vapor is simply wrong," says the professor.
How does vaping affect your health?

How does steam affect your health?

Since e-cigarettes are still quite new on the market, very little is known about possible long-term damage. But that doesn't mean they are harmless: Research has shown that the chemicals and nicotine in the e-cigarette solution are all dangerous for the body, says Dr. Neptune.

Do e-cigarettes damage the lungs?

Again, the expert believes that coughing and the worsening of asthma symptoms occur much more often in people who vape than in those who don't. The chemicals in the vapor liquid can also attack and injure the lungs, which can lead to disease outbreaks.
As I said, there are still no long-term studies to be able to make precise statements on this. The fact is, however, that many of the common agents in the liquid contain measurable amounts of known carcinogens such as formaldehyde. "Therefore, there is at least a theoretical risk of developing a malignant tumor with regular consumption," says Dr. Neptune. But what many experts see even more critically is the fact that the e-cigarette has become the popular gateway drug for young people. Once started, it doesn't take long for most of them to reach for a normal cigarette. And that's when we definitely know about the cancer risk.

Is vaping worse than smoking?

At first glance, smoking is far more harmful than puffing on an e-cigarette, says Dr. Neptune. "Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that have a bad impact on the lungs and the body."
Nonetheless, we cannot yet say which is really worse. The risks of the glowing stick have already been intensively investigated in the last few decades, but it is hardly clear how the electronic counterpart affects health.