Why are our lips red

Applying make-up to red lips: 3 tips


Applying red lips has been fashionable for thousands of years. But the best thing is: red on the lips immediately makes us feel more self-confident and appear more competent. But what should we pay attention to when applying makeup?

We have known for a long time: Red lips are not (only) there to be kissed, as Cliff Richard once warbled, with them we can feel confident and beautiful. With an impressive external effect: We perceive women with red lips as particularly present and competentresearchers at Harvard University found. But even without research, we know that red lipstick enhances any simple outfit in no time at all.

Red lips have always been popular

The first documented lipstick ancestor is a type of ointment from the Sumerian city of Ur near Persian and dates back to 3,500 BC. In Egypt, too, beauty care was considered a virtue thousands of years ago, we just say: Queen Nefertiti from the 14th century BC!

But not just women, but Men in ancient Egypt also used black-rimmed eyes and red lipswith the intention of becoming more like the gods. Not entirely harmless, because: In addition to harmless henna, ocher and colored juices, highly toxic vermilion (mercury sulfide) and galena (galena) were also used in ancient Egypt.

1883: The first red lipstick

In modern times, the first red lipstick was presented at the World Exhibition in Amsterdam in 1883: Parisian perfumers had fortified red pomade with deer tallow and the small "wax crayon" wrapped in tissue paper. It wasn't until 1935 that the first product with a metal sleeve and sliding effect for perfect red lips appeared in Europe.

While stars like Marlene Dietrich or Rita Hayworth predominantly aon red lips as a symbol of freedom and emancipation later, pink, pastel colors and mother-of-pearl shimmer were in demand. In the 1980s it got really colorful and flashy before more subtle nude tones became fashionable in the 1990s.

But putting on red lips never goes out of fashion!

Applying make-up to red lips: 3 to-dos

1. The preparation

So that the right shade of red on the lips comes into its own, you should gently prepare your lips for your new companion - and above all remove flakes, creases and wrinkles from dry lips in advance.

Immediate tip: Massage the lips with lip balm before applying makeup. Special foundations also smooth the skin. This is especially important with dark nuances, since every unevenness becomes visible here.

2. Use the contour pen!

Professionals definitely recommend using a contour pencil, because it keeps the lipstick where it belongs and prevents the lipstick from running into the lip wrinkles. Preferably paint on the lip liner in small, dashed movements. Choose the lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick, rather keep the rest of the make-up simple.

3. Choose the right color for your red lips

Strawberry red is a light, bright red and particularly flatters summery tanned skin. Soft, smooth lips are the best base for this lip color. Because if the lips are chapped, the color is distributed unevenly and crumbles quickly.

Blush in the same shade as the lipstick provides a special accent. This works particularly well with light currant red and pink. If you don't have the right blush at hand, you can simply use the lipstick. Put some color on the back of the hand, mix with a dab of skin cream and pat in with your fingers.

Dark lipstick in plum red often makes narrow lips look even thinner. This can be remedied with a contour pencil in the same color that you use to emphasize the outer edges of your lips. For a little more shine, apply a little transparent lip gloss at the end, which gives the lips additional fullness.

The color of the raspberries is a mixture of red and pink and looks particularly powerful and cheerful. Tip: Matt looks this shade even more noble. After applying, just dab some loose, transparent powder on your lips, that's it!

  • Blackberry Red & Blueberry Pink

Bluish red tones such as blackberry and blueberry make teeth appear whiter. To extend the shelf life, paint the lips completely with a lip liner and only then apply the lipstick. Then take a tissue between your lips and press the excess color onto it.

Strong, stronger, cherry red! Here the color palette ranges from light to dark red tones. Depending on the skin type, you can choose yellow or blue tinted lipstick variants. It is best to line the lips with a lip liner in the same color. For less distinctive contours and a softer overall appearance, you can also pat on the lip color with your fingers - and the blurred lips look is ready.