What will be Derek Jeter's legacy

By Eric Böhm and Matthias Ondracek

The fans of the New York Yankees would have liked a different stage.

The schedule and the missed playoffs are to blame that Derek Jeter had to end his career after 20 years in the stadium of arch-rival Boston Red Sox (The MLB playoffs LIVE on TV on SPORT1 US and in LIVESTREAM).

However, the sold-out Fenway Park showed class and gave the record champions' eleventh captain, respected and valued in the entire baseball world, a worthy farewell.

"The time was right. It was extremely emotional in New York. I'm happy that it ended like this," said Jeter. After his 3465th and last hit, he had been substituted in the third inning with a standing ovation.

There has never been a bigger winner in MLB history. He won 510 more games than he lost. Even the Empire State Building shone in the characteristic "pinstripes" in his honor.

"The Jordan, the Gretzky of his sport"

The innumerable records for the Yankees, who are never short of superstars, only tell part of the story of this extraordinary athlete.

Because Jeter has shown a unique quality on and off the field since its debut in September 1995, the shortstop has always been an icon of the sport for competitors and fans of other teams (SERVICE: SPORT1 explains baseball).

The passionate bachelor never produced negative headlines or scandals - even more remarkable in times of excessive beating in US sports. A brief relationship in the 90s with pop star Madonna was one of the few highlights for the boulevard. A Miss Universe and various actresses like Jessica Biel are also among his exes.

He never made a topic out of it. The sporty should determine his image. And it did.

"He's number 2, it's that simple. He achieved everything in the game you can imagine. He's done so much for baseball. Everyone knows him, you go to France and people know Derek Jeter. It. It." There are 10,000 players. It's really unbelievable. He's the Jordan, the Gretzky of his sport, "said former MLB star and now France coach Eric Gagne SPORT1.

Jeter in line with Ruth and Mantle

When this skinny 21-year-old from the province (Kalamazoo, Michigan) put on the characteristic "pinstripes" for the first time, nobody would have expected him to have such a world career.

After all, it's pretty hard to leave your mark on a team with so many legends: Babe Ruth. Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle. Don Mattingly.

The fact that he got the number 2 already suggested that this super talent would have a chance of real greatness. All other single-digit numbers are now blocked for eternity.

Success came back with Jeter

Jeter will also soon find his own badge in the "Monument Park" of the new Yankee Stadium - not least because he brought the winning gene back to the record champions.

Before his arrival, the once proud "Bronx Bombers" had been waiting for a championship title since 1978. Between 1996 and 2000, Jeter achieved four in five years. The fifth and final World Series of its time was added to the opening of the new home in 2009.

"It's cool to see a guy who doesn't just hit home runs, he's just a winner. And it's great that he's only done that with the Yankees over the years. There aren't many of those left," emphasized Gagne.

Football star Dante from FC Bayern bows via Twitter:

A career full of highlights

The nickname "Captain Clutch" is no coincidence. Jeter has always had the flair of the dramatic. The term "Jeter Moment" has long been a household word in America.

No matter whether his typical throws from the rotation, the famous "flip play" in the 2001 playoffs against Oakland, the flight into the stands against the Red Sox, the World Series home run after the attacks of September 11, 2001, which gave him the Nicknamed "Mr. November", or his 3000th hit on the home run - in the big moments Jeter always worked on his legend.

Various Yankees records

His last home appearance against Baltimore was also a memorable one. With a hit in the ninth inning on the first pitch - his specialty - he gave the Yankees a farewell victory (DATA CENTER: results and tables).

"I couldn't have dreamed of that better. I've wanted to play shortstop here since I was four or five years old. What an honor to play my last game in this position," said Jeter afterwards. In Boston, therefore, he only kicked the bat.

No player has played or scored more games for the Yankees - only five players have scored more hits in 134 years. He took part in the All-Star Game 14 times and is to this day the only player who was MVP of the selection game and the World Series in one season (2000).

A "True Yankee"

As part of the "Core Four" - Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte - he shaped an era with 13 division titles. He may be elected unanimously to the Hall of Fame and holds ten MLB playoff records - including most singles, doubles and triples.

He even received an honorary doctorate from Siena College in 2012 for his charity work with children and teenagers.

When asked about his legacy, Jeter once said he wanted to be remembered as the "True Yankee".

He succeeded.

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