What is hotel occupancy

Hotel occupancy & hotel capacity

The hotel capacity is the maximum number of beds in a house multiplied by the opening days. Not all rooms in the hotel have to be available. By booking external rooms such as those on ships, these are also available as hotel capacities. See Kameha Grand Bonn relies on hotel ships for the UN climate conference.

The hotel occupancy or bed occupancy is the central issue for hotel sales

Turning the 'low season' into a 'high season' is what all hoteliers dream of: the clever selection of distribution channels in the hotel industry is a prerequisite for a prosperous company. The hotel occupancy rate is one of the most important indicators. The hotel's capacity is calculated based on the number of beds and opening days. For the calculation of the occupancy rate or the degree of utilization, the capacity (without additional beds) is the basic parameter, e.g. for company comparisons.


Calculation of the hotel occupancy

  • Number of beds x opening days = capacity
  • Overnight stays x 100 / capacity = Hotel occupancy in%

Standard opening days are used for comparability. As a rule, it is assumed that the building is open 365 days a year. The utilization calculated in this way is then referred to as the frequency.

  • Overnight stays x 100 / number of beds x 365 = frequency in%

For banquets and conferences, the capacity and the planned seating are calculated. The utilization then results from the ratio of the bookings to the capacity. For a restaurant, the capacity is determined by the number of seats. When calculating the capacity and its utilization, it must be taken into account how often a space is occupied during opening hours. This is how you calculate the daily capacity of a restaurant that can be opened and occupied several times.

  • Seats x occupancy = capacity per day

The calculation of the capacity and its utilization must of course be carried out in coordination with all departments so that a balanced utilization of the hotel / restaurant is achieved.


How do you increase profit without increasing hotel occupancy or bed occupancy at the same time?

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