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Third act

[163]Forest area.

Timandras lies sideways dead on the earth. Ligares looks at him.


He's not slumbering. No, no, he died;

His eyes are deep and his cheeks pale.

There is no more breath in his bosom,

The engine of his heart is broken.

Now I have space on this earth again,

With him at the same time it was too close for me.

Now I can hope, yes, she will love me;

He stole her affection from me;

I am the heir to my property

I have two claims to her now.

He takes the scepter from the ground and breaks it.

Yes, scepter, you did your service

Lead him down to the underworld;

The last wish is that you grant me:

Because I am releasing you from your services.


My chest rises happily and more freely,

I do not feel the remorse of my murder companion.

Is it so cruel then to take revenge?

Does not the world exist in eternal struggle?

Doesn't life-consuming life have to feed itself? [164]

I've only done something mean -

The deed will not rob me of slumber;

Ghosts only torment those who despair:

But they are frightened by those who are not afraid of them,

The bold penetrates into their deepest apartment.


Now I'll see her, Ladika, I'll see

The old times are back now;

I sneak quietly into your garden

And no longer find the hated enemy.

Nobody on earth argues against me anymore,

I fought for it, it is mine now.

How my heart beats! I should see her again

Hearing her lovely voice loud;

I might almost despair of pleasure and joy,

Too great happiness has the same effect as great unhappiness.


Zeno and the boy come.


He went on the way, as it seemed to me to-day;

Where has he got to?


Where can he be? I'm so afraid in my heart

I might see him once, once more;

Enjoy the bitter bliss of parting,

And delight me in his last word.

Whatever he did, whatever evil he may think,

I have nothing in common with his deeds; [165]

I just wanna hold on to his love

Just think that he's my league

My pupil; and what else he may be,

What does that have to do with me and my love;

If he loves me he ain't no criminal to me

If he were also tainted with serious blood guilt.


He wants you, Zeno! never see again

This is how you should recognize his favor.

So said he, these are his own words,

Which I kept in my bosom.

And he looked sad, and deeply moved;

Yet I did not understand the meaning of his speech.


I understood her all too well;

I already thought safe and saved him.

But the waves must carry him backwards

To this bank of imminent danger.


We will go to bury Alcmenes,

And devotional tears to his death. -

Forgive me, O beloved shadow!

That I only bring you shared pain;

My mind is troubled by anxious worry,

That I cannot mourn calmly, dignified. -

We want, boy! care for his corpse,

According to the Egyptians holy use.

Anoint his limbs with fragrant naphtha, [166]

And rub with the fine nard oil;

Fill him with spicy herbs,

With spices from Arabia.

When this happens, after three moons change,

So we take delicious garments,

And dip them in wax and myrrh ointments,

And beat them around the corpse,

As is the custom of the Egyptians.

Then we put him in the coffin at night,

And burn it, and pray the prayers,

Who still delight the dead souls there,

That his spirit does not think we are easily comforted,

And looks down on us discontentedly. -

I will always live on his grave,

Solemnly dedicate myself to his men,

And so comfort him that Ligares love

Bring him no pious death sacrifices.


Yes, I will pray often at his grave,

Also for Ligares, my good lord.

You want to go; the boy becomes aware of Timandras.

Look, o Zeno! how this one slumbers here;

Who can it be? Indeed his sleep is deep -


It is Timandras! Gods! how pale!

His sleep is terrible, he sees the dead alike.

The scepter here! - The scepter is broken -

O my judgment! my prophetic heart! [167]

Come on, boy! let's leave this place.

Oh, I would never have seen this horror!

Both off.

A garden.

Ladikä and Mandane.


The dew has already been completely consumed

The light, fresh air is chased away.

They only slip through these treetops in a whisper,

And take refuge in the dark grottoes;

There they play with clear rock springs

And bathe in the fountain floor

There is her kingdom in eternally fresh coolness,

Unharmed by Phoebus hot arrows,

There they whisper the melodies of love

In chaste oread rock ear.

Hidden so they escape the sun,

Lingering the day in the cleft night.

But has Helios turned to the west,

So they slip out of their loneliness,

And wander through the earth every now and then

And even the strong oaks bow

The clouds must serve their games

And submit to their rule.


The hyacinths lower their buds

And the Narcisse inclines her head radiantly. [168]


They close their little eyes, blinking,

Blinded by the bright sunshine.

Let us stay here, look, from this arbor

I've seen the sun so often

Whether she would not bow to the sea,

And her step was unbearably slow;

And when she finally touched the west

How happy I am, how happy my heart was!

Because only the evening brought the beloved

In this garden to my yearning heart.

How different now, not an hour torments me

And I don't want any for the past

I love everyone, everyone is enjoyed;

The day is a graceful circle

From lovely sister hours, all desired,

And everyone donates their own sweet Reitz. -

It is nice to long for, hope, dream,

But blessed is a quiet possession.


The poets say that property tires

That doubts and hopes are the nourishment of love.


The sun dresses in eternal rays,

And without change the star is light

Olympos' heights stand in eternal blue,

The gods eternally behold in beauty;

Everything that is true and beautiful is unchangeable, [169]

Everything is of a divine nature.

In the heavenly there is eternal existence,

The flame that a god lights is glowing,

When all earthly embers also die out:

For it kindles what is perishable;

And such love wants to be nourished

And created anew through hope or fear.

Yes, see the sun! eternally from herself

And without change their sea of ​​fire swells.


But I'm losing happy minutes

By calculating how happy I am.

Go look for the Timandras, dear girl,

And tell him that I'm waiting here for him.

Exit Mandane, Ladikä stops thinking, after a while Ligares arrives.


Ye gods, yes! It is she, the dear, fair one!

These are the dear eyes, this is her mouth;

It's the curls that braid the dark hair,

And there is fullness of her sweet riding.


Ligares you! What can lead you here?


Love, ask one more question, love does it.


Ligares hear me, but hear me calmly:

There can be no more talk of love; [170]

But see, I want to meet you from the bottom of my heart

Like a friend when you are calm.

Do not say that I have broken my loyalty to you;

Your heart was not befitting my heart.

I've been looking for a long time to save you and me,

How my inclination wrung down from you

So don't be angry, a god has decided:

Because God's will speaks through nature.


I also dreamed a dark dream

As if your heart had turned from me;

But I wake up to the better life:

You are mine again and forever;

The will of the gods gave you to me

Because God's voice speaks in destiny too.


I won't hear this language anymore

Change your speeches or go.

Are you still there? you wait indecisively

So stay then, I'll get ahead of you.

She wants to go, Ligares is holding her back.


You stay, you are given into my hand.


You are racing! verily you are beside yourself! [171]


Yes, it’s rage to speak of loyalty to you,

You call treason and unfaithfulness reason.


Let it go, Ligares! didn't you swear

To avoid my face forever?


Do you remind me of the sanctity of the oath?

Perjury! you are not doing well.


You force me to flee your anger

When you don't know how to tame yourself


You force me to hold you accountable

Because you don't know how to honor your loyalty.


O leave me! let me! your looks are wild,

And your speeches are terrifying.


Remain a woman so that I don't forget myself

Because compassion and love are not in me.

So stay, don't you want me to kill you

I lead a solid, secure steel.

You look at me! yes I am badly wounded;

But heavier is the one who struck these wounds. [172]


O misfortune! did you kill him?

Yes, your looks betray you.


I did not, and even if it were now

Have you not done anything worse to me?

You murdered me ten times, a thousand times

Not just my life, my virtue too;

You have robbed the peace of my breast,

You have stolen my pious innocence from me,

And I can never get better

Lethe's water does not cool my heat,

And healing is not in the open air

Burning pain for my soul.

I loved you, oh my lips are silent,

That she did not know how I loved her;

And me, my heart, could you spurn that?

No, such a deed is eternally unheard of,

It would be a little sacrilege to kill him

Compared to such shameful betrayal.

But I did not do it, woman! stop wringing your hands

What's that whimpering? End i tell you

You are not doing well to show me a pain

Who betrays the hateful inclination to me.


Compassion! o hear my request

And let me go, for I can't take it. [173]


How tender you are, O good faithful soul!

You cannot see the dying man's torment;

Murder him alone, torment him slowly to death,

You can do that, you have proven it to be excellent.


What do you want me Did you come to murder me

So you chose the right weapons yourself.


Why i came I still don't know what to say -

To stir up my pain to madness.

That is what still gives me relief. -

You do not love me? O say it again!

That I myself murder myself in despair,

Cursing you, my love and myself.


You look at me Can't you feel it

The deep pain that led me to you

O do not turn away your dear eyes!

Gods also grant mercy

The worst who approaches them pleadingly;

So speak a word of love and comfort to me.

Just a glimmer of hope let me see -

And if he were wrong too - deceive me.

It is so sweet to sway yourself in dreams;

And that they flee from the light of the morning

Who could think of that in sleep? [174]

And then who knows if tomorrow will come.

I'll die before my dreams flee

Because my soul is weaned from happiness.


For free; I am forever lost to you;

And until you can calmly consider

Will you never see Ladikä's eye

Because I don't listen to your speeches anymore.

It goes off quickly.


It goes from me and leaves me unheard of;

What else do I want on earth?

I have owned nothing and nothing but her;

I willingly gave up any claim;

Of all the joys of all this earth

I choose one for myself from their abundance.

Cassandra comes and stays in the background.

And this only one is denied to me

And no substitute as far as the sky can reach.

Poverty of the rich powers of fate,

Too meager, a beggar's desire

To be filled with a divine gift!


May I freeze like the ice of the north,

Untouched by the gentle breath of life!

Because life is love, and love is pain;

So it is painful to live, and the first gift

The dowry in mortality is pain.

He wants to go; Cassandra steps in his way.


I have you, O stranger! overheard here

And the meaning of your values ​​touched me.

Yes, I was deeply and wonderfully gripped

As unknown as your fate is to me.

Even if heaven denied you a lot,

So defiantly do not disdain the share,

That your speeches excite me so deeply -

It is a little gift for you;

But share should never be disdained.


O strange perversity of nature!

You who meant my pain and my love

She has no pity for the bitter torment;

And you, the stranger! you felt it

And offer me comfort and sympathy in a friendly manner?


You are a woman! So are you women all;

You always lean towards the strange, distant.

You seek and love what is not yours,

Waste your pity, your favor,

While you withdraw them from your close friend,

Forsake the one who loves you faithfully.

Yes, in you too I recognize your way;

So leave me, don't hold me back any longer.


This is not how I feel

A strange pity speaks to me. [176]

I feel as if I can alleviate your suffering;

And if I can, don't hide it!


You are wrong, women can strike wounds

But they don't understand how to heal them.

So don't waste your gifts on me,

You are probably stealing it from a close friend.


Can you revile us all so unfairly?

Has women's love never refreshed you?

Has no mother lovingly cared for you?

No faithful eye looked into your eye?


Well! yes, love made me happy;

But the betrayal hurt me more deeply.

I was rejected, spurned, avoided,

And must endure what is the hardest:

I had to give way to a strange love

Who insolently forced themselves into my property.

Even more: the mother herself betrayed me,

Forsaking her son when still an infant;

Betraying her husband who loved her,

Has she turned to the strange man?

My fate was so terrible;

My misery is the fickleness of women. [177]


O God! O God! what did you say!

Your fate is terrible, unheard of!


Enough of that and let me go now.


No, for the gods sake! stay still!

Another question! whom I call trembling -

O God! how my heart beats so anxiously and heavily.

I beg you, young man! say your name

And your father's name; pronounce it -


What can my name care about you, the stranger?


More than you think; please tell me.


My father died, his name was Alcmenes,

My name is Ligares - but you tremble -

Are you trembling, woman? what happened to you

What did I say that moved you so much?


Ligares, you? know your mother;

I am Cassandra; o forgive me

Do not curse those who forget those of duty

There was a robbery of heated passions. [178]


You my mother can I still be happy?

There is no longer a heart in this bosom.

You my mother I can't feel

I am rigid like the dead, cold like graves.


My son! Ligares! Dearer! Beloved!

Often longed for with hot tears! come over

Come to the mother's heart and forgive

The sad deed regretted it.

How many nights did I not stay awake

How many years haven't I cried through?

Now you are there, you are in my arms.

I deserve, gods! still such luck?


You are so boisterous in your joy

Is what on earth worth such bliss?

I ask, mother! try to get hold of you

The joy of the sight itself wounds me.


Tell me, did Alkmenes die early? may I ask?

Did my deed shorten his life?


He died recently, just a few days ago

And angrily he never mentioned you. [179]

He knew how to endure a lot

All human activity seemed necessary to him.


You gods, thanks! I didn't kill him.


Murdered, mother! what a terrible word!


Not only did you find your mother today,

I am bringing you another brother;

How will Timandras not be pleased with you. -


Timandras, do you say this is your son?


It's him, eh, have you seen him yet?


Woe to you and me for ever seeing him.

I saw him - but I may - I don't want to say it

Bury the terrible word with me. -

Goodbye, mother! goodbye forever!

And whatever else you may hear

So think that despair drove me

And don't curse me, whatever I did.


What happened? say what happened?

For the sake of all gods, stay and speak. [180]


No! No! I can't see your face anymore

I would seem a monster to you. -

But don't curse me; it made me a crime

The will of fate clearly guided by itself,

And I only followed his hints:

So think that I was only forced to do it.

Goes off quickly.