Why do cats purr and knead

10 points that will help you understand your cat's behavior better


It can be helpful as a pet owner to be able to interpret the behavior of your cat. Photo: vetproduction

You have probably already discovered behavior in your cat that you wondered about and that you may not have understood either.

We have summarized a few points here that will help you to correctly interpret your cat's behavior.

1. Your cat rubs its face against your body

When cats rub their faces against your body, it is usually a sign of affection and a compliment. Cats have small glands on the cheeks and corners of their mouths that they use to transmit their scent to you.

2. Your cat brings you dead animals

If your cat brings you a dead mouse, this is a present for you. The cat doesn't mean that, but wants to please you. Your cat does not understand that you personally do not think the gift is so good. For the time being, keep the cat indoors and provide a suitable toy with which your cat can act out its hunting instinct.

3. Your cat drinks from the toilet

You shouldn't worry about the behavior. There is no evidence why cats like to drink from toilets, but you should know that the behavior cannot harm your animal. If it bothers you very much, close the lid of the toilet. If you continue to allow your pet to drink from the toilet, be careful not to put any chemicals in the toilet that your pet might ingest.

4. Your cat sleeps all day

If your cat sleeps all day, you usually don't need to worry too much about it. It is in the nature of cats that they use it to store their energy. Cats are very active for short periods of the day, but like to rest the rest of the day.

5. Your cat is kneading your legs or stomach

Kneading, like rubbing, is considered to be affection. If your cat jumps on your stomach or legs and makes itself comfortable there, your cat may start kneading its paws. This is a clear sign that your cat is comfortable and trusting you.

6. Your cat is licking your fingers

If your cat is licking your fingers, it could be for two different reasons. For one, your cat may like your hand cream or your sweat. On the other hand, it can also be compared to breastfeeding and calms the cat. If you find your cat's behavior too much or strange to you, check with a veterinarian.

7. Your cat sneezes frequently

In cats, sneezing can be a sign of allergy, respiratory disease, or irritation. If the sneezing continues, you should definitely take your cat to the vet and have the cause of the sneeze examined.

8. Your cat is particularly active at night

Cats are nocturnal animals, but their sleeping habits also depend on their owner. However, this is not always the case. If your animal is still so active at night that it bothers you, you should play intensively with your animal for a while before going to bed and give it another meal.

9. Your cat's eyes will glow at night

It is normal for your cat's eyes to glow at night. The reason for this is that the retina of the cat's eyes reflects the light and gives the cats excellent night vision.

10. Your cat likes to eat grass

A small amount of weed cannot harm your cat. However, your cat should not eat too much of it, as too much grass can have a laxative effect and cause vomiting.


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author: medproduction
Date of the last update: January 2018
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