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Lose weight permanently: the 5 best diets with long-term success

At last! Ten kilos are off - and even after two years! Losing weight isn't that hard at all. There are enough diets. But maintaining this lost weight for years is the real challenge.

Lightning diets like the lemon diet promise great weight loss in no time. Due to the yo-yo effect, the weight is back on the hips a little later. What nobody wants.

To prevent this from happening to you, we spoke to nutrition expert Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society (DGE). She told us the five best diets with which you can change your diet in the long term and thus keep the desired weight for a lifetime.
The secret of these diets: There are no prohibitions. You can eat anything, but in the right amounts. Instead of constant hunger and frustration, you will learn which foods are good for you and how to prepare them healthy and low in calories.

Permanently slim: Volumetrics

With volumetrics, or the energy density principle, counting calories is a thing of the past. You lose weight quickly and easily by changing your eating habits a little.

This is how volumetrics works:
In Volumetrics, foods are grouped based on their volume. The theory behind this is that we become full after a certain amount of food, not a certain number of calories. Vegetables and fruits, for example, are very rich in water and therefore have a lot of volume, but only few calories. Whole grain products as well as low-fat dairy products, meat and fish are also recommended at Volumetrics. Fast food, ready meals, sweets and chips, on the other hand, are small in volume but high in calories and should only be eaten in small quantities.

The evaluation of Antje Gahl, DGE:
Volumetrics is based on recommendations that the DGE has been issuing for years. This change in diet is well suited as an introduction to a balanced diet and, if you limit the amount of food, leads to permanent weight loss.

Permanently slim: Weight Watchers

Instead of calories, Weight Watchers counts points. The weight loss program has been around for many years, both with group meetings and as a purely online version.

How Weight Watchers Works:
Food is sorted by points at Weight Watchers. Each program participant has a certain number of points per day that he can eat. Additional points can be gained through sport. In addition to group meetings, the program offers a large online platform with lots of tips and lots of recipes.

The evaluation of Antje Gahl, DGE:
Weight Watchers is a very flexible concept that can be adapted to individual needs. It is based on a low-calorie, balanced mixed diet, but can also be used by vegetarians. The program is particularly suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight in a group.

Permanently slim: Low fat 30

Instead of carbohydrates, Low Fett 30 focuses on the fat intake. Because high-fat foods are usually real fattening foods.

This is how Low Fat 30 works:
Here it is not the calorie content that counts, but the fat content. Only foods with a maximum fat content of 30 percent are recommended. In addition to lots of vegetables and fruit, whole grain products, low-fat dairy products, meat and fish are on the menu. The diet should be changed permanently.

The evaluation of Antje Gahl, DGE:
In itself, Low Fett 30 is a good method to lose weight, because it is based on the recommendations of the DGE and is a good introduction to a balanced diet. In addition to the fat content, however, attention should also be paid to the amount. Consuming low-fat foods alone is not enough for everyone.
You shouldn't do without fat entirely, otherwise fat-soluble vitamins and valuable fatty acids may be neglected.

Permanently slim: 'I lose weight': 12 dietary rules of the DGE

Slowly, but with success: This is the principle on which the in-house weight loss program of the German Nutrition Society is based on 'I lose weight'.

This is how 'I am losing weight' works:
'ICH take off' is a 12-week program specifically aimed at people with a BMI of 25-35 (excluding high-performance athletes). The focus is on changing eating habits and integrating more exercise into everyday life.

The evaluation of Antje Gahl, DGE:
A good program to change your diet permanently. However, the weight loss is significantly slower than with other programs because the calorie intake is only slightly reduced.

Permanently slim: PfundsKur

The PfundsKur was founded in 2006 by the nutritional physiologist Prof. Dr. Volker Pudel and PD Dr. Thomas Ellrott developed and implemented. The program is currently only available as a book.

This is how the PfundsKur works:
The PfundsKur is a ten week program that can be carried out in a group or online. The participants learn the basics of a healthy diet and adjust their eating habits over the course of ten weeks.

The evaluation of Antje Gahl, DGE:
The PfundsKur offers a good chance of success if the change in diet is maintained over the long term. The group program also motivates you to stay on the ball.

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