What makes a workplace fun

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1. Sitting is the new smoking

It's not just that sitting around forever is unhealthy: Meetings take a lot longer if we sit in a circle in the same constellation. In this attitude we sit out problems and it is more difficult for us to take another perspective and come up with new ideas.

Try a standing meeting or take a long walk in a small group. You will be amazed how quickly you can get really good results. And if you don't always have the feeling of wasting your time in inefficient meetings, you will immediately have more fun at work!

  1. Exercise 1: sagging
    The height of the chair should be adjusted so that the legs are on the floor and the knees are bent at a right angle. Slowly roll your head forward until your chin reaches your chest. The arms hang down at the sides. Release all tension from the shoulder and head area and take a deep breath. Release the posture and straighten up. 2-3 repetitions.
  2. Exercise 2: Slight rotation
    Sit upright, raise both arms and grab your head behind your ears with both hands. The elbows protrude laterally outwards. Now slowly turn your entire upper body to the side until you have reached an angle of around 45 degrees. Stop for a few seconds, then twist your torso back toward your center. Then repeat the exercise on the other side. 2-3 repetitions.
  3. Exercise 3: chair rotation
    Sit upright in the office chair with your feet hip-width apart. The chair height is adjusted so that the legs form a right angle. Turn your upper body to the right, place your right arm behind the backrest and grab the right armrest with your left hand. The head turns with it. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and then loosen it again. Turn back and do the same exercise the other way. 2-3 repetitions.
  4. Exercise 4: squat
    Your feet should be a little more than shoulder width apart. Knees and tiptoe point in the same direction, keep your arms horizontally in front of your body and bend your upper body a little forward. When doing this, tense your body and keep your back straight. Then slowly bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. The knees should not protrude beyond the tips of the toes. Forcefully bring the body back to the starting position. 5 repetitions.
  5. Exercise 5: Sit bend
    Sit upright in your office chair and slowly bend your upper body forward, vertebra by vertebra. Let your head hang forward. Bend so far that you can hold your ankles with your hands - hold this movement for about 20 seconds and release the tension by slowly straightening up, vertebra by vertebra. 2-3 repetitions.
  6. About the author
    Dr. med. Alfred Huber is a specialist in neurosurgery, special neurosurgical spine and pain therapy. Together with Christoph Kruis and Dr. med. Norbert Wynands the joint and spine center of the Red Cross Clinic Lindenberg

2. Start the day with your heart project

Anyone who checks and answers e-mails first thing in the morning works externally from the start. Instead, think about it: which task is most important to you? Which heart project do you want to advance? Devote the first half hour of the day to this topic. After that there is still enough time for e-mails.

3. Gamification: Turn your work into a game

A huge mountain of documents has been waiting for a long time to be sorted out and sensibly filed or processed further? Just turn it into a game: mix up all the pieces of paper and stow the wild mess evenly in hanging files. Now roll the dice, which pack you want to button up first and take only one pack for each day.

The effect: Your desk immediately looks tidy and it is exciting every day which business cards, specialist articles or receipts you find today. Works for everything that doesn't need to be done very urgently.

4. Bet that ...?

Have you set yourself a sporting goal for your work and want to make 10 new customer appointments this week? Simply place a bet with a colleague. In this way you have found someone who knows your ambition and who will keep asking you how far you have come. That motivates!

5. Switch off faults

Someone who is disturbed by a pop-up window announcing the arrival of a new email every few minutes has less concentration than someone who comes to work stoned. That's what a study by King's College in London found out. Accordingly, the influence of marijuana lowers the IQ score by around 5%, and email multitasking lowered the value by 10%.

So set your mail program so that no more pop-up windows are opened and no acoustic signal sounds when electronic mail arrives. Or go "offline" right away if you want to concentrate on a job.

6. Nice colleagues increase job satisfaction

I would have a great team if only it weren't for this one stupid colleague! Many people feel the same way. And then we make a cardinal mistake: We avoid the unlikely and nestle in the feeling that he doesn't like us anyway. We are literally looking for behaviors that annoy us.

It would certainly help if we looked for a confrontation: Overcome yourself and have lunch with your colleague or have a beer in the evening. There is a good chance that you will discover something that you like about the other. And the risk is zero: after all, you thought he was stupid beforehand.

7. Create work-pleasure places

Can't think of anything creative when you're at your desk? No wonder: It's the same place where you make uncomfortable phone calls, do your travel expense reports or answer e-mails. Every type of activity needs its own place.

So it's better to find another place for creative work or at least change the side of the desk. The changed perspective makes it easier for you to find your way into the other thinking process more quickly.

In addition, clear away any annoying topics out of your sight. It doesn't distract you. Hopefully you don't keep your tax files in the bedroom! This neither improves your sleep, nor does it increase your desire.

8. Find a motivating environment

It is so exhausting to keep arguing against it when others try to convince us every day how difficult or evil the world is. Anyone who comfortably jogs a 4-kilometer lap with neighbors every week and suddenly decides to train for a marathon will surely hear from friends how unhealthy, crazy, bone-damaging, temporally impossible or family-unfriendly our project is.

It is easier to look for a new environment with people who have similar ambitions. So check regularly whether your "friends" have become energy guzzlers or whether you are giving them incentive and strength.

9. Work more productively with tomatoes

Your to-do list is so long that you almost don't know where to start? Try the Pomodoro strategy: It has been proven that the ideal length of time for highly concentrated work is 25 minutes. Then we should treat ourselves to a short break of 5 minutes. 25 minutes seems bearable, even for more uncomfortable tasks. Once we have thrown ourselves so intensely into our work, it may well be that we will stick with it for the next 25 minute unit. The name Pomodoro Strategy is derived from the tomato-shaped kitchen clock with which the inventor Francesco Cirillo carried out his experiments.

10. Out of reach

Internet-enabled cell phones ensure that we can be reached anytime, anywhere. But by no means does that mean that we always have to be available! Everyone needs time off so that they can perform even better afterwards.

So switch off your devices from time to time: while eating, exercising or when you want to read your newspaper in peace. By the way, you will also educate your professional environment to solve a problem yourself or to turn to others. Whoever answers on the first ring will be called more often than others.