Wake up before 5 a.m.

Get up earlier: Instructions for those who are grumpy in the morning

by Tim Reichel

Didn't get out of bed again today? Would you rather turn around instead of starting the day fresh and happy?

Don't worry: you are not alone.

Many of your fellow students have trouble getting up early in the morning. These Morning grouch curse the alarm clock, love the snooze button and stay under the warm duvet until the last minute. And when they get up, they have a -10 on the good mood scale.

From where I know this? I am one of them myself.

However, this is not really productive. And this late sleeper syndrome can become a lasting problem during studies. Especially when many of your university events start at 8 a.m. or you could use every precious hour of the day for studying.

If you yourself are one of the group that is grumpy in the morning and have problems getting up early, I will give you ten practical tips on how to get out of bed more easily in the morning.


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That way, morning grouches can get out of bed better

There are so many tips out there for us humans who don't have it easy in the morning. The only problem is: these tips are almost all bad. Really bad.

Mostly on the pharmacy level like: “Go to bed on time” (thank you!), “Don't drink 500 cans of Redbull before going to bed” (oh, and I was wondering!) Or “Have a healthy breakfast and balanced ”(Well, if that doesn't help you get up!). All unnecessary blah blah that doesn't help anyone.

Alternatively, I suggest two very simple approaches:

Make getting up as EASY as possible and sleeping on as HARD as possible!

On this basis, I have ten tips for you:


Tip # 1: Set the alarm clock - far away

If you want to get up early in the morning, you will of course set an alarm clock. The only catch is that your alarm clock is right next to your bed and within easy reach of you.

As soon as the annoying thing starts in the morning and wants to break off your sleep, you simply press the alarm clock off and continue dozing.

To prevent this from happening, you can put your alarm clock away from your bed the night before (for example on the other side of the room). This way you are forced to get up in the morning to turn off the alarm.


Tip # 2: Use natural stimulants

You can also use your surroundings to get up and fall back on natural stimulants.

To do this, if it gets light early enough in the morning, you can simply leave the curtains or blinds up, for example, and the sun will then naturally wake you up. Once your room is completely bright, it is no longer easy to go back to sleep.

You can achieve the same effect, regardless of the position of the sun, if you leave your room window open to the street. You will be awake at the latest when the rush hour starts in the morning or the first schoolchildren are walking past your house.


Tip # 3: Develop a positive stand-up mindset

It may sound a bit psychological at first, but it works quite well: Be aware of the advantages for you if you get up early and develop a positive get-up mindset!

Take five minutes to make a list of the benefits you will get by starting the day earlier. Write down every little thing and see how much you benefit from not wasting time in bed in the morning.

Go through the list every day for a week - this will anchor the desire to get up early in your subconscious and help you in the morning. It's magic!


Tip # 4: Prepare the first steps the evening before

Getting up early is sometimes so difficult because you don't feel like doing the whole thing in the morning. Therefore, in the evening before you go to sleep, you should prepare a few steps for the next morning.

For example, you can lay out your laundry, set the breakfast table or prepare the bathroom. Take off work for the morning the night before. This makes the process of getting up seem more harmless and easier.


Tip # 5: positive commitment

Sometimes outside pressure helps. Therefore, make a commitment with your classmates or friends that will motivate you to get up earlier in the morning.

For example, you can arrange to meet for your first lecture, meet early to study or go jogging with a friend in front of the university. The commitment you make at this point forces you to get up in the morning. Because if you cancel, you ditch your friends and make yourself look ridiculous.


Tip # 6: Penalty for getting up late

Do you need it a little harder? Okay: introduce a late wake up penalty box! From now on, you have to pay one euro into your penalty box for every 5 minutes that you additionally lie down in the morning.

In the end, you are not allowed to keep the money, but have to spend it on unpleasant things that you actually find really stupid. Otherwise the whole thing won't work.


Tip # 7: Introduce Cheat Day

What works with the diet also works in the bedroom: Introduce a Cheat Day!

One day a week you can sleep in as long as you want. On this Cheat Day, the time you spend in bed doesn't matter - you stay in bed for as long as you want. Without a guilty conscience and feelings of guilt.

This way you bundle your bad getting up habits into one day and you are more motivated for the rest of the week than before.


Tip # 8: Practice the getting up process beforehand

Getting up is like writing an exam - you can learn it!

And this is how you proceed: Lie in bed, set your alarm clock so that it rings in a few minutes, close your eyes and relax. As soon as your alarm goes off, turn it off and get up. You repeat this process a few times in a row over several days.

This method was originally introduced by Steve Pavlina and later on Tim Schlenzig's blog. Works pretty well.


Tip # 9: Maintain morning rituals

Similar to social commitments (tip 5), fixed morning rituals have a positive effect on getting up early.

If your first steps in the morning are already established before you leave your cozy bed into the big, unsafe world, getting up will be a lot easier. Morning grouches hate it when surprises await them after getting up. A fixed morning ritual is therefore the perfect basis for an unspectacular but safe start to the day.


Tip # 10: Reward immediately after getting up

As a counter-model to the penalty box (tip 6), you can also reward yourself for getting up early in the morning. This way you condition yourself in a positive way and establish your new habit.

As a reward, you can, for example, treat yourself to an episode of your favorite series parallel to breakfast right after getting up or buy yourself a nice roll from the baker on the way to university.


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Get up earlier? From now on it's no longer a problem for you!

In this article, I have shown you ten tips on how, as a morning grouch, you can get on your feet more easily in the morning and never miss your day again. The most important things are summarized in one sentence: Make getting up as easy as possible and sleeping on as difficult as possible!

If you take this to heart and adjust your sleeping and getting up habits, you won't waste any more time lazing around.

And then the 8 o'clock lecture also works.


Image: © Matthew Wiebe / unsplash.com