Are students legally required to do homework?

Homework Homework: How are they legally regulated?

Homework is a common point of contention among teachers, parents, and students. Are teachers entitled to punish a student for failing to do their homework? Can grades be given? Often the school regulations provide guidelines, but a lot is also regulated in laws at the state level.

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Compulsory homework: a look at the school rules

Basically, the following applies: Students must do the work given by the teacher. In most cases, this obligation to do homework results from the school regulations. Parents are not allowed to exempt their children from this obligation on their own initiative - only the school may do this in justified cases. Parents who are of the opinion that the tasks put an undue burden on their child should therefore first talk to the class teacher.

To what extent homework is reasonable for students is often not easy to define. In some federal states there are framework guidelines for this. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, has set working hours within which homework must be completed. These increase step by step: in 1st and 2nd grade it is a maximum of 30 minutes, later in the 8th to 10th grade it can be up to 75 minutes.

Homework not done: Are there any penalties?

If a student has not done his homework, teachers usually only acknowledge this with a warning. However, if it happens repeatedly that homework is not done, the school can issue a reprimand. If such references accumulate, the transfer can ultimately be endangered, as the school assumes a lack of willingness to learn. In serious cases, expulsion from school is also possible. However, if it is due to individual performance that homework is often not done, so the child is simply overwhelmed, other ways must be found. In such cases, it is all the more important to have an early discussion between parents and school.

Grading is not allowed

So teachers can take action if they don't do their homework. However, they are not allowed to grade the work done at home - this is regulated in the same way in all federal states, regardless of the respective school regulations. Only the performance of the student in class or in exams may be assessed - also against the background that it is not possible to check whether the homework was done with the help of the parents. Teachers are therefore not allowed to give a six if they miss their homework. However, you are allowed to take a test based on the homework material in class and grade the results.

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