What is a company secretary

15 typical tasks of a secretary

What does a secretary do and what areas of responsibility does she have?

The job title secretary is well known. But the Area of ​​responsibility one secretary has changed a lot in recent years. Initially, the tasks were of an administrative nature. General office work, writing and correspondence were included in the scope of work. However, over time, more and more tasks came along Processing character added. This now includes Range of work a secretary a wide range of tasks.

Here is a list of15 typical tasks of a secretary:

    • Telephone support (outbound, inbound)
    • Management, correspondence of e-mail and mail
    • Use of MS Office
    • Filing management, file management and database maintenance
    • Organizing and coordinating appointments
    • Reception and care of visitors and guests
    • Organize and manage office supplies
    • Mail processing
    • Information gathering and evaluation
    • Prepare and create reports and presentations
    • Organize, prepare and accompany meetings and events
    • Taking minutes at meetings and events
    • Writing activities (Correspondence, memo, reports)
    • Travel organization including billing
    • Preparatory work for bookkeeping and payroll accounting

A secretary's areas of responsibility with a table of hours

As a result, we have you in the above tasks Areas of responsibility summarized. We also have the areas of responsibility Hours assigned. Depending on the industry in which the secretary works or how big the company is, these values ​​can of course fluctuate. This table should therefore only be used as a guide and serve as a better orientation.

Areas of responsibilityShares in%Part time (20 hours)Full time (40 hours)
Telephone support 20% - 25%5h10h
Organization and preparation15% - 20%4h8h
Writing activities and filing15% - 20%4h8h
Post & correspondence15% - 18%3.6h7.2h
Billing & billing8% - 10%2h4h
administration5% - 7%1.4h2.8h

Based on this table, you can now see that the Telephone support takes up a large proportion of the time. This does not have to be the case, however, because we can relieve your secretary with our telephone service. With our packages you book us as a virtual secretary. This gives your secretary more time for other tasks.

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