What is brunch in the kitchen

It's brunch time!

Brunch with friends is a sociable and enjoyable morning. (Photo by: © kab-vision / fotolia.com)

Brunch is not only because of the good food, but also because of the cosiness and the coming together of different people.

The term "brunch" comes from English: it includes Breakfast and lunchBreakfast and lunch and has its origin in England - meanwhile it has established itself in numerous European countries.

In principle, a brunch begins between breakfast and lunch - at some point in the morningwhat suits people who like to sleep longer. The brunch usually stretches until the afternoon inside out. Especially when brunch is taking place privately, the end can usually not be foreseen.

Culinary delights without limits

When it comes to brunch, there are no limits to the "culinary delights" and there is nothing that does not exist:

At brunch, every guest gets their money's worth and can choose from various cold and warm dishes and various drinks.

Here are a few more recipe recommendations:

The brunch at home

Brunch can also be prepared quickly and easily at home. (Photo by: © kab-vision / fotolia.com)

Anyone who invites to a cozy brunch in their own home should think in advance about how diverse the brunch should be - because Diversity costs money. Also warm food should be chosen so that they can be well prepared.

A soup, for example, can be prepared a day in advance and then only needs to be warmed up.


Different herb pots with basil or rosemary are just as beautiful.

If, on the other hand, there are Austrian specialties, the decoration should also be typical of the country. Attractive, beautiful dishes and the right table decorations are a matter of course.

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