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What is MSM? And is it really a miracle cure?

More and more often from Doctors, clinics and Media, but also through word of mouth, reported on the healing properties of MSM for pain, allergies, stress, neurological diseases and much more.

As much as it is loved by some, it is equally criticized. But where is the truth now? Is the criticism justified? What can a patient hope for after taking it and what not? What are the side effects to be aware of?

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is present in every cell and is one organic sulfur compound
  • Basic body functions, like immune system and metabolism depend on sulfur
  • Contrary to popular belief, taking MSM Side effects to have
  • The existing studies on MSM speak for themselves and show which ones effectthe taking of the sulfur compound may have
  • It is NO panacea


In advance: what is MSM anyway?

MSM is the abbreviation of Methylsulfonylmethane, which is also known as dimethyl sulfone in German-speaking countries. It is about a organic sulfur compound, those in all living organisms is biologically active and can supply our body with sulfur. It is an odorless, white, crystalline powder that is very easily soluble in hot water.

➤ After calcium and phosphorus, sulfur is the most important most common mineral in the human body.

In an adult male of average height and weight, approximately 140 grams of sulfur is distributed throughout the body's systems. Almost half of it is in muscle tissue, skin and bones. "Normal" adults excrete 4 to 11 mg MSM per day with their urine.

What effect can be expected from MSM?

As mentioned at the beginning, MSM is not a panacea. Still, some can positive characteristics do not deny. However, these are different from person to person and can occur in different strengths.

Studies on the use of MSM dietary supplements have shown that a number of ailments could be remedied:

What side effects can I experience with taking MSM (organic sulfur)?

According to experience reports and studies, most people who take methylsulfonylmethane only show mild detoxification symptoms at the beginning, such as:

  • diarrhea
  • skin rash
  • a headache
  • fatigue

To a week symptoms usually go away.

Less than 20% of those who use the powder or capsules feel slightly uncomfortable for the first few days of taking it. In general, one can say: the stronger the symptoms, the more toxins the body has already stored and the more MSM is needed for detoxification. In the case of moderate symptoms of detox, it may be advisable to lower the dose and gradually increase it once the symptoms have cleared.

How high should the MSM dosage be?

Since it is not a drug, there are no precise guidelines on how the powder should be dosed. In principle, however, the recommended dose varies depending on the reason for taking it, weight and age.

One disadvantage of taking the powder is that it cannot be precisely dosed. We therefore recommend using MSM capsules.

To take the Herbano MSM capsules in high doses, we recommend 1 to 3 capsules daily.

11 positive effects discovered from using MSM

MSM for pain relief

Probably the most notable discovery regarding the effects of MSM is that it is a highly efficient pain reliever that is effective for many types of chronic pain.

In March 1999, doctors Stanley W. Jacob and Ronald M. Lawrence published The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution to Pain, based on their experiences as doctors and MSM researchers. Dr. Jacob is Director of the DMSO Pain Clinic in Portland, USA and Professor at the University of Health Sciences Oregon; Dr. Lawrence is the founder of the International Association for the Study of Pain and the American Association for the Study of Headaches.

Taken together, they have more than 20 years of experience in pain relief using MSM. In doing so, they found out that from over 18,000 patientswho suffered from chronic pain, 70% benefited from taking the mineral in the long term, as the respective pain was either reduced or completely disappeared.

The following types of pain have been successfully treated:

  • Injuries due to accidents, burns, etc.
  • Joint inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle pain and cramps
  • Bursitis
  • Tennis elbow and other sports injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • sclerosis
  • Whiplash, whiplash syndrome
  • Repetitive Exercise Injuries
  • Scars from burns, operations, accidents, etc.

The way MSM combats pain is explained by the following mechanisms:

  • MSM is a natural one Analgesic, which blocks the transport of pain impulses through the nerve fibers.
  • The mineral also blocks inflammation and inflammatory reactions to some extent by reducing the amount of inflammation Cortisol activity, a natural anti-inflammatory hormone produced by the body. However, this is only the case with normal cortisol levels. A permanently elevated cortisol level has a negative impact on health.
  • The Permeability of the cell membrane will be improved; this facilitates the absorption of nutrients and vitamins on the one hand and the removal of pollutants or excess cell fluids on the other hand.
  • It expands the blood vessels and thus improves blood circulation. This also contributes to To move waste materials out of the bodywhat accelerates healing processes.
  • The mineral helps the muscles to relax - an important and often overlooked benefit, because chronic pain is often aggravated by the fact that the body's own muscles become permanently tense.
  • Organic sulfur supports that natural defense mechanisms of the body by regulating prostaglandin metabolism and the formation of antibodies and immune complexes.
  • Together with glucosamine, which is responsible for the formation of new cartilage tissue, MSM can reduce pain and ensure that damaged and worn cartilage is replaced by new cells.

To do this, MSM slows down the Cross-linking of collagen fibers - a natural process of scar formation that forms hard and often painful scar tissue. This can also lead to chronic pain, especially with burn scars, which often take up comparatively large areas of the body. The mineral heals scar tissue and makes the skin more flexible. After treatment with an MSM lotion, burn scars and the associated pain have almost disappeared for many people.

Interesting synergy effects with MSM

MSM is considered to be an enhancer for most vitamins and other nutrients, such as:

Our diet can be improved with organic sulfur because MSM improves the absorption of the above nutrients at the cellular level and extends their effectiveness. The body can use the nutrients better - this makes dietary supplements more efficient and also reduces the necessary dosages.

How can MSM scavenge free radicals?

Very easily:Methylsulfonylmethane is a powerful antioxidantwho is able tobind free radicals and disable it.

BUT: What are free radicals?

Free radicals are not harmful per se, because without them life would not be possible. They are namely for theEnergy production by cells needed. For example, the liver produces free radicals while breaking down harmful substances, and the body's immune system uses free radicals to eliminate viruses and bacteria. The body houses antioxidants that bind free radicals - normal free radical production in a healthy person is therefore harmless.

AHowever, overproduction can be very harmful be. This can trigger a chain reaction that can cause great damage to cell membranes and chromosomes. This overproduction is caused byphysical and mental stress, poor nutrition, air pollution,Heavy metalsand organic pollutants triggered in drinking water or in food, radiation and cigarette smoke. In such cases, the body needs additional antioxidants from the diet. MSM is one such antioxidant.

MSM as a natural stress regulator

Stress not only affects our psyche, but also our physical well-being. There are many studies on natural stress relievers.

MSM also seems to be able to make a good contribution:

  • Many people who use MSM report it themselves better and stronger to feel and about more endurance to dispose of. During a test on 14 people who consumed the powder for periods of seven months to a year, none of them got sick.

  • A stress study was conducted with two groups of goldfish transferred from a large aquarium to two small, identical containers. One group received normal fish food, the other the same with 2% MSM. In both aquariums, the fish were exposed to stress due to a restricted range of motion, temperature changes and a slight supply of oxygen. After five days, only one fish from the MSM group died, whereas 11 (almost 50%) from the control group.

Organic sulfur for detoxifying the body

Together with the mucous membranes, MSM reacts to toxins, influences inactivity and accelerates excretion. In addition, the permeability of the cell membrane is improved and the uptake of nutrients by the cell and the removal of pollutants are supported. From a practical standpoint, MSM increases the ability of cells to to excrete toxic waste products, drastic. Many doctors who work with MSM will testify that it is the strongest Detoxifier is what they know.

A current example shows the dramatic detoxifying effect of MSM: A young artist went to a psychiatric institute because of mental problems. Antidepressants had made these problems so worse that he looked for an alternative treatment. An HLB blood test showed the man suffered from heavy metal poisoning from the paints used in his artistic work.

On the advice of his doctor, the patient stopped the medication he had received to date and took high doses of MSM (15 g / day). In addition, he made weekly Ayurveda sweat baths to stimulate the removal of harmful substances. Two months later, a microscopic examination showed his blood count was back to normal, and he said that for the first time since receiving treatment he had noticed a significant improvement in his health problems.

MSM in use for allergies

The mineral alleviates the symptoms of a large number Allergies, including Food allergies, contact allergies, respiratory allergies and others. The most important anti-allergenic characteristic is its ability to bond with the mucous membranes and create a natural blockage between the host body and allergens. In addition, MSM alleviates allergies thanks to its well-known qualities in terms of detoxification and the elimination of free radicals as well as the improvement of cell permeability.

Several authors have also noted that the mineral is also called Histamine blockers works just as well as an alternative to the usual antihistamines, but without the side effects observed there.

MSM in neurological diseases

The brain is extremely sensitive to the effects of toxins such as heavy metals, but also organic toxins. Many of these compounds tend to accumulate in nerve cells, where they can cause severe oxidative damage. This can cause neurological disorders.

Organic sulfur is one of the few antioxidants that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. It protects against oxidative damage, prevents this and restores the Elasticity and permeability of the cell membrane again. In this way, the nerve cells can begin to secrete harmful substances.

Organic sulfur as a beauty aid for beautiful skin and hair

Sulfur will do that too "Beauty Mineral" called because it ensures soft and youthful skin and shiny, strong hair. Sulfur is essential for collagen and production keratin necessary two proteins that are essential for health in general as well as for Skin, hair and nails in particular are essential.

Several experiments have shown that some dermatological disorders - including allergies - can be combated by using MSM as part of the diet. Oral administration of MSM capsules had a positive effect in the treatment of acne, rosacea and dry, flaky or itchy skin.

What can MSM do with autoimmune diseases?

Fights MSM Inflammation, resulting from autoimmune reactions are very effective. In autoimmune reactions, the immune system turns against itself, so to speak. This is why people who suffer from arthritis, for example, benefit greatly from the mineral. Several studies have shown that regular consumption of MSM products can help Joint dismantling and the associated inflammation significantly reduced.

The studies summarized:

  • Mice predisposed to rheumatoid arthritis-like joint injuries. The researchers found that two-month-old mice that were given water with a 3% MSM solution for three months did not show any degeneration of the articular cartilage. In the control group, on the other hand, which received only normal drinking water, 50% of the animals suffered from punctiform cartilage degradation. Virtually all animals (95%) showed inflammatory reactions in the synovial tissue, while the MSM group showed significantly fewer inflammatory reactions.
  • The health benefits of MSM are due in part to its ability to increase the permeability of cell membranes, which allow harmful substances (such as lactic acid or toxins) to drain away and nutrients to flow into the cell. This prevents pressure build-up in the cells - which in turn causes inflammation in the joints.

Use MSM in the fight against parasites

One of the most amazing discoveries made about MSM is its effectiveness against parasites like Giardia, trichomonads, roundworms, roundworms, pinworms and other intestinal worms.

How can the successes be described exactly?

The main antiparasitic property of methylsulfonylmethane is related to its ability to bond with the mucous membranes - e.g. the intestinal mucosa - and such natural blockage to form between host and parasite. As if the mineral were covering the mucous membrane with a layer that was impervious to parasites and to which they could not adhere. When that happens, they are simply flushed out of the body.

An increasing number of naturopaths are raising concerns about parasites. It is becoming increasingly clear that these are a persistent cause of poisoning that can spread throughout the body and attack the immune system. Hence, it is fascinating to think that MSM could be a natural remedy that protects us against parasites.

MSM as prevention in diabetes

The sulfur-containing B vitamin biotin is an important component of glucokinase, the enzyme that processes sugar-glucose. Sulfur is also a component of Insulin, the hormone produced by the pancreas that is responsible for the Carbon metabolism is vital.

A lack of dietary sulfur supply can result in low bioactive insulin production. Studies suggest that MSM increases cellular glucose uptake by increasing cell permeability. As a result, the mineral helps to keep the blood sugar level in balance, the pancreas to function normally and thus diabetes is prevented.

MSM for constipation and an overly acidic stomach

MSM works slightly with increased intake laxative and stool-softening.

The current study situation:

  • One study has shown that at least 75% of people who took antacids or H2-histamine receptor antagonists for an acidic stomach were able to significantly reduce the amount of medication within a week by taking MSM as a dietary supplement.
  • In another study, 21 subjects with constipation problems were given 500 mg MSM daily along with one gram of ascorbic acid each. In all of these cases normal bowel function returned as long as the mineral was part of the diet.

Studies like this suggest that in the case of constipation or acidic stomach often provides more relief than commonly prescribed medications. There is ample evidence that one of the most exciting and rewarding benefits of the mineral is to provide immediate and effective relief from an overly acidic stomach and constipation problems.

MSM for lung malfunction

MSM allows the body to absorb oxygen more efficiently.

First of all, it increases that Elasticity of the lung cells and the Permeability of the cell membrane - This allows more air to be inhaled and more oxygen to get through the membranes into the bloodstream. In addition, MSM prevents or corrects the clotting of the red blood cells, which improves the oxygen uptake of the blood. In addition, thanks to the increased permeability of the cell membrane, cells throughout the body can absorb more oxygen from the blood and therefore produce more energy.

The study on MSM in pulmonary dysfunction:

  • In one study, seven people with breathing difficulties were given MSM at various doses ranging from 250 to 1,500 mg / day. Five of these people had emphysema and two lung tumors with additional impairment from excessive pleural fluid. These two had already received radiation / chemotherapy without any visible improvement. Before and during the test period, the five emphysema patients had to walk a certain distance that they could walk without physical difficulty.
  • Within four weeks of starting MSM, all five of them were able to at least double this distance. In the two patients with lung tumors, the treating doctors and nurses found an increased fitness and an improved attitude compared to the period before the test. Most amazingly, however, the lung fluid disappeared during the first month of the test period.


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