How to dry wet clothes in the shade

Tips on how your laundry dries quickly in winter

If it's wet and cold outside, does the laundry necessarily have to dry inside? Most tenants think so and ban drying racks and co. In the apartment. But this increases the humidity, even the formation of mold is possible - drying laundry becomes dangerous.
Also, a full clothes horse in the middle of the apartment is not exactly comfortable. We'll show you how we dry laundry faster and which alternatives, tips and tricks are available so that laundry dries quickly even in winter.

Dry laundry faster

Drying laundry in winter: If you have more space in your home, you should place the clothes horse where it least disturbs your daily routine. A warm room is more suitable than a cold bedroom. This absorbs the moisture in the laundry and ventilates it out of the room. This is important so that the moisture does not cause damage.

Correct hanging

It doesn't matter how the laundry is hung on the line. Throwing over it carelessly not only results in wrinkled blouses, but also takes longer to dry. The air between the garments must be able to circulate. The laundry should therefore never hang parallel to the window and never line up too close to each other. If the drying rack is too full, the drying process will be delayed considerably. Shirts and blouses should be hung on a hanger while they are still damp. This not only prevents wrinkles, laundry hung smoothly also dries faster.

The electric helper

They use a lot of electricity, but they are a real blessing in winter: electric tumble dryers. In winter, they are the salvation for families with children who have a lot of dirty laundry. The clothes are dry within two to three hours and can be put in the closet. The laundry becomes soft and some items of clothing do not even need to be ironed. But be careful: these devices are real energy guzzlers. In the summer at 30 degrees Celsius in the shade, drying in the dryer makes no sense.

Do not dry laundry on the heater

It's tempting and quick: put the sweater and pants on the heater and after a short time they are both dry. But it is precisely this temptation that promotes the development of mold in the apartment. The humidity increases rapidly, mold spores spread faster. Therefore, this variant of drying clothes should really only be used in "emergencies", when the little black dress absolutely has to be dry by the evening.

Dry your laundry outside despite freezing temperatures

Did you know that shirts, trousers and co. Can dry in the fresh air despite freezing temperatures? In winter you don't necessarily have to do without drying your laundry on the balcony. The secret is sublimation - the process of thermodynamics in which the transition from the solid to the gaseous state takes place without liquefaction. In freezing temperatures, normally washed and hung clothes freeze immediately. The ice, however, turns into gas instead of water - that is, it evaporates into the air. This means you can get dry laundry even in winter. Of course, air drying takes significantly longer in winter than in summer, but the fresh air in clothing cannot replace fabric softener.

Insider tip boiler room

If you have your own house, you can banish your laundry in the boiler room. The room there automatically warms up in winter, which means that clothes dry there that you might not otherwise get dry at all: thick work trousers and jackets, for example. Additional benefit: The laundry does not spoil the cosiness in the living room. But here too, sufficient ventilation should be provided.

Wash laundry wisely

Especially in winter you should think carefully about whether it is really necessary to wash one or the other piece of clothing. Not every dirty jacket or pants goes straight into the washing machine. Sometimes washing too quickly and too often is just the opposite problem. Winter should also be considered when buying a washing machine - the machine with a high spin speed is better suited here.

Plan when you move in

Anyone who is clever thinks about the laundry location as soon as they move into their new apartment or house in summer. Rotary clothes dryers in the garden often hibernate. The clothes horse for the interior should therefore not be folded up and disappear into the chamber, but should be placed in its place during the move. This helps both when setting up and decorating, but also months later, frosty ruminations are avoided.

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