Can someone born blind dream

Dream interpretation blind

A blind person lacks one form of perception, namely seeing. We regard complete blindness as a severe disability, and the state provides financial aid to the disabled. Some people are born blind, some only go blind later due to an accident or illness.

People who are blind from birth often find their way around quite well, as they use the part of the brain that is otherwise responsible for vision for a kind of echolocation. For all blind people, the other senses, especially hearing, smell and touch, are important sources of information for perceiving their environment. If someone dreams that they are suddenly blind in the eyes and cannot see, they are probably filled with panic. The dreaming feels probably helpless and possibly suffers from a feeling of space anxiety. For the dream interpretation the question arises what the dreaming is ready to recognize and what is not.

By the way, “blind” is also used to describe someone who does not want to admit certain facts in reality: for example, love makes one unreasonable for the weaknesses and disadvantageous characteristics of the loved one. You can too "blind with jealousy" or "blind with anger"react.

Blind animals have a special meaning in dream analysis. Find out everything about its symbolism in our article on the "mole"! You can find other animal species that cannot see or can see poorly using our search function at the top right of this page: Simply type in the animal you want.

Blindness can occur in different dream contexts. Here you get an overview of the most important and most common dream images around the symbol "blind":

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Dream symbol "blind" - the most common dreams about the symbol

"Blind eyes" as a dream symbol

As a dream symbol, blind eyes can draw attention to an impending loss of reality. The sleeper cannot or does not want to see certain problems. Accordingly, they cannot be solved either. In addition, the dream image of "blind eyes" sometimes also refers to a feeling of exclusion. In this case the dreaming feels maybe not properly integrated into his social environment.

Seeing a blind person in a dream

Blind people who cannot see often draw attention to the fact that one lives too much in one's own world in the dream. One urgently needs to learn not only to take care of one's own problems, but also to take care of the concerns of others. Those who help, lead and direct a blind person in the dream situation should, on the other hand, be careful not to overpower themselves in a certain matter.

The blind woman as a dream

In the dream, blind women appear more often than blind men. They symbolize a neglect of one's own emotional world. You may be in a challenging phase. The dreaming believes that he is not allowed to give space to his emotions at the moment. This creates an imbalance on the emotional level, which can ultimately have a negative effect on other areas of life.

To dream of a blind cat - the poor animal!

A blind cat symbolizes in a dream a person who depends on the help of the sleeper. It is very possible that he has not noticed this at all - the other may not dare to ask for the support of the dreaming. It is therefore important to keep your eyes and ears open. Who could you be at the side with advice and action at the moment?

Temporary blindness in a dream - what is happening here?

If the blindness in the dream does not last permanently, but disappears again, it can be very confusing. However, there is a symbolic meaning behind it: Anyone who is briefly blind in a dream has most likely learned to admit a mistake. For a long time one tried to deny certain wrong behavior. Now the sleeper learns to be honest with himself and with others. This is an important step in its further development.

Dream symbol "blind" - the general interpretation

The dream symbol "blind" points out according to the dream interpretation that the dreaming or someone in his environment does not take note of certain things. Maybe he locks up unpleasant facts consciously the eyes. However, the dream can also be an indication that a person or the dreaming himself is simply not able to see through a complicated situation.

Especially when the eyes are glued or sewn shut in the dream world and can no longer be opened on their own, there is a problem in reality that the sleeper would like to run away from. He therefore symbolically closes his eyes in the dream.

The dreamed of blindness can also indicate that one feels ignorant because important information is withheld from the dreaming in reality. In the dream interpretation, blindness also warns Attempts at deception, especially if the eyes are blindfolded in the dream. Maybe someone tries in the living environment of the dreaming to disguise his true intentions.

According to the popular interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol warns not to “blindly” rely on others. The dreaming should ask himself whether he often hands over the responsibility for himself to others. Blindness is often embodied in a dream Lie of life. The dreaming is fooling himself. In addition, being blind is often a warning of imminent danger.

The dream symbol draws attention to lies, deceit or secrecy. Leading a blind man in a dream can indicate excessive demands. The dreaming may have taken on too demanding a task. On the other hand, the dream symbol "blind" in this context is also a sign for the Helpfulness of the dreaming.

If he gets his eyesight back in the dream, this embodies in the dream interpretation the willingness to admit mistakes and subsequently to take responsibility for one's own actions.

Dream symbol "blind" - the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol "blind" is a symbol for the difference between conscious perception and unconscious repression. According to the dream interpretation, the dream shows the refusal to acknowledge facts that the mind has registered and recognized very well.

The subconscious makes you blind with the Denial of reality the dreaming attentive. He is blind to the negative characteristics of his own personality and does not want to admit them. He may not want to take responsibility for his behavior. However, undesirable aspects of being can also cause feelings of guilt.

According to the psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol "blind" clarifies the resulting from it Conflict of conscience.

Dream symbol "blind" - the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol "blind" embodies the loss in the spiritual dream interpretation mental clarity. In the dream the blindness indicates to the dreaming ignorance and irrationality; the right eye stands for logic, the left eye for intuition, ie the “gut feeling”.