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How to: 5 Questions About Rimming Sex

Sex practices are plentiful, and not everyone has to like all of them. Nonetheless, you are of course interested in the different types of games. And it has long since become quite normal to look left and right to see what practices there are in the SM area that could also be attractive for - let's say - the normal consumer. And already we are on the subject of anilingus.

1. What exactly is anilingus or rimming?

The sexual practice anilingus (English rimming) is also known under the names rim job, rimming, oroanal contact, anus stimulation or somewhat colloquial tongue anal, anal licking, rosette licking or tongue anal. Which in the end already says what it is about.

Once again clear for everyone: It's about stimulating your partner's anus with your tongue and mouth. Originally the practice comes from the sadomasochistic scene and was intended as a kind of punishment or chastisement for the submissive part. And recently, quite a few of these practices have been spilling over into the world of non-SMers or newcomers.

2. Is rimming physically arousing?

Many people - not everyone - find the stimulation of the anal and perineum region very arousing. No wonder, because there are numerous nerve endings here, it is, so to speak, another erogenous zone.

However, licking alone is not enough to achieve orgasm. Simultaneous stimulation of her clitoris or fingers and stimulation of his penis and testicles should make the pleasure complete and lead to climax. Provided, of course, that you find rimming comfortable and can relax. It's not for everyone.

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3. Which positions are suitable for the anilingus?

As with all oral pampering programs, it is a question of the right position so that it is comfortable for both partners and no one has to contort. Facesitting, in which the partner crouches or kneels over the face of his sex partner, is popular - attention, not everyone is sure to find it cool. If you don't like it that covers your face, try the doggy style or the 69 position. Or the partner leans over a backrest. Everything fits.

4. What are the health risks associated with rimming?

Of course, this practice directly raises hygienic and health issues. Of course, it is also important to protect yourself with this sex practice. Because yes, you can also get infected with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV while doing anilingus. Therefore, talk about any existing sexual venereal diseases and ensure safety and cleanliness. Which brings us to point 5.

5. What can be done to ensure that rimming is safe and clean?

Of course, you should wash yourself thoroughly before an anilingus so that someone who wants to pamper his partner with an anilingus does not have to be disgusted or experience nasty surprises. If you still don't feel really clean and comfortable, you can simply put the whole game under the shower. Then rimming is definitely a clean affair.

In any case, it is important that the woman's partner does not switch from one body opening to the next, be it with the fingers or the tongue, otherwise infections can quickly occur, as bacteria from the anus region can get into the vagina. In order to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases, the so-called licking sheet, which is placed over the anus, is a good and safe solution. (There are also leak cloths here on Amazon.)

Since rimming also has a lot to do with mutual trust and great intimacy, a prior joint test for possible diseases would also be good advice.

Would you like more information about SM? You can find them here in the book "The First Steps SM" by Arne Hoffmann on Amazon.

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