Dutch babies cry less

Comfort your baby or make them cry?

Scream in a controlled manner after 6 months

From 6 months, it's a different story. Babies now have the ability to comfort themselves and they begin to understand more and more things. If you always jump up immediately when the crying starts, smart kids can use that as a trick to get attention. Doctors Rodenburg and Möller examined crying and comforting babies, in particular "controlled crying". This means that parents will let their baby cry a few more minutes each day before they start comforting them. On the one hand, the babies do not have the feeling of being alone and a secure bond remains, on the other hand, you can ensure that the little ones become a little more independent step by step.

Rodenburg and Möller also examined another solution: Here the parents always wait a little longer until they grant the child his wish. For example, show your child something they want, but wait a while before giving it to your child. If they aren't crying, reward them with extra love. Always wait a little longer. The idea is that children who learn this during the day will get used to it more easily in the evening when mom and dad are not around. The method can also be applied to the goodnight song. Stop the song and walk away for a moment. Then come back and keep singing. Next time you're going to be away a little longer. And then a little longer. And again longer ...