What is educational planning

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  • First textbook on vocational training planning

  • High practical relevance

  • Renowned specialist authors

The handbook imparts knowledge on planning in vocational training, discusses political and economic developments and connections, and places the topic in the social context. It presents the regulatory mechanisms of the vocational education system and provides information on the relationship between demand and supply on the education market. Due to its didactic structure and the wide range of topics of the four book parts, the volume can be used as a textbook and as an encyclopedia. Some contributions are of a fundamental nature, others convey background knowledge or deal with current social and educational issues.


Literature and Internet references are available for each article, as well as explanations by the editors, an extensive technical glossary and a general index for all articles. Some of the authors from science and practice are internationally renowned experts in their respective fields.


The target group of the manual are practitioners of vocational education as well as students of vocational and business education as well as education management.

That's what the press says

"Truly a 'manual' that can be seen - and basically belongs in the bookcase of further educators of all stripes."

Hanspeter Reiter, gabal.de, 08/2016


"This handbook provides very helpful theoretical and practical knowledge about educational planning for vocational training in different contexts, which is a solid basic reading for students in this area and should therefore not be missing in any library."

Dr. Doris Lindner, socialnet.de, December 10, 2015


"So I am of the opinion that this is an exceptional manual and that it is an excellent success; it is strongly recommended."

Steffen Plewe, Education and Science 04/2016


"Due to its didactic structure and the wide range of topics in the four book parts, the volume can be used as a textbook and as an encyclopedia."

VBE Lower Saxony "timely", 01/2016

Suggested citation

Klebl, M./Popescu-Willigmann, S. (Ed.): Handbook Educational Planning. Objectives and content of vocational training on a teaching, organizational and political level. Bielefeld 2015. DOI: 10.3278 / 6004431w

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Michael Klebl, Dr. phil., as a specialist in educational management and digital learning, advises educational institutions and educational departments in companies. He was a junior professor at the FernUniversität in Hagen, then held the chair for business education at a private business school.


Silvester Popescu-Willigmann was managing director of the refugee center Hamburg until spring 2018. The Swiss-based graduate business educator and business administrator is involved in international contexts of education, health and social issues. He is also active as a journalist.