Jeffrey Epstein was murdered

Jeffrey Epstein: The Suicide Conspiracy Theories

At other times, the indictment of two prison guards overseeing US millionaire Jeffrey Epstein on the night of his suicide might have emphatically refuted popular murder theories. But in 2019 it won't work that easy. In this case, the conspiracy theories continue to flourish, even after the prosecutor's office meticulously cited numerous pieces of evidence in support of the coroner's finding that the sex offender hanged himself in his cell.

In a press release and indictment, prosecutors said that surveillance cameras had confirmed that no one had entered the area where Epstein was imprisoned. The locked door to the area could only be opened remotely by an officer in the prison control center. In addition, there was a second locked door to which only law enforcement officers from the high-security area had the key. Epstein had no cellmate and died alone.

No matter. Social media was buzzing with "Epstein Didn't Kill Herself" posts, fueled by the investment banker's previous acquaintance with Britain's Prince Andrew and (former) US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. "People are not taking the suicide story off," said a tweet. "Epstein lives on a beach somewhere in the Middle East," said another.