What is spiritual life

What it means to live a spiritual life

Self-care. Listen to your needs.

Listen to your true inner voice and listen to it, even if your usual voice of reason / ego / status says something else. Even if you think that something else is expected of you and even if it actually is. Only you know what is good for you and what you need. This applies to big life decisions as well as to small ones, such as what you will eat today or whether you go out and dance your soul out all night or stay at home and take time for yourself. The unexpected choice could be the right one: There is no right or wrong, just a match or mismatch with your current situation. Decide for yourself and decide only for yourself. Of course, that doesn't mean that you are inconsiderate towards others. It just means living with awareness of your own wellbeing and being aware of your true inner state. Some call it self-love.

Maintain your own rituals. Forget the supposed spiritual to-do list.

One means of ensuring that we are doing what is good for us is through rituals. I don't mean the routines that you stubbornly tear off because they are supposed to be part of your spiritual practice or some other plan that you are supposed to be following. If it is good for you to get up at 4 a.m. and meditate for 2 hours - do that, it can be wonderful! But if you'd rather take just 5 minutes before turning on your phone in the morning to take a few deep breaths and feel how you feel, then this is it! Maybe it's the little question "what would I do if I really loved myself" that you ask yourself before making a decision that will keep you on your path to a happy life. Your mindfulness practice can be the conscious preparation of your morning tea, a slow walk or a fast run, an inspiring book, as well as a sun salutation. Choose something that really touches you and brings you into the present moment instead of imposed rituals that weigh you down and are just another task to be performed.

Practice kindness and kindness. Free yourself (and everyone else).

Don't get angry with yourself if you feel like you made the wrong decision or made a mistake. That's perfectly fine! You are human, you explore life. All twists and turns are necessary to get a holistic view of your world and your needs. When something goes wrong, it helps you understand what would have been "right" instead. It makes clear what it feels like to live in accordance with your values ​​and intentions. If you feel remorse - say thank you! This is your heart's natural feedback mechanism that tells you whether something is right for you or not. Isn't that amazing? What a nice gift!

And - let others off the hook too. The above applies to all of us. Don't be resentful, don't judge others. Let them make their own decisions too, let them explore for themselves, without them having to meet your expectations. If we are all less harsh and listen to our own hearts, no one will hurt or disappoint one another. Cultivate an attitude of understanding, treat your fellow human beings and all other beings with respect, kindness and love.

Live in gratitude. Appreciate what life brings you.

Everything runs smoothly, you love your work, you have good friends - say thank you! Things are not going so well, you feel stuck or lonely - say thank you anyway! This could be the perfect opportunity to reassess your life choices, get to know yourself better, define your goals, intentions, and values. You have food and a roof over your head, right? The sun is shining and warming your face? Or is there heavy rain that nourishes the flowers and trees? Isn't that just as nice? I could go on writing forever - life is so generous! Start noticing the little things, the little gestures and gifts. Gratitude is the highest vibration and greatest bliss! Take more time in your day to feel grateful. Stay in this mode as often and as long as possible, live your life in gratitude for everything you come across, all the good things, all the contrast. It's all part of life. We are so lucky, right?