Why am I so antisocial

No longer the philanthropist you used to be? Completely normal!

Are you also not interested in small talk and new friendships? It could be your age. Because there are good reasons, as adults, not to be as ignorant of people as we did when we were 17.

I recently "broke up" with a friend. She's nice, it wasn't that. But she was one of those people who are hard to avoid. Not even temporarily. Because "not reporting" was always a friendly issue, but just as specifically addressed immediately. Uff ... it was exhausting for me. Too exhausting, obviously. And bang, she was gone.

I find people ... ok. So some.

In general, I notice that I am not so easily inspired by people I get to know, and even if I am enthusiastic, that doesn't mean that I am looking for long-term contact with the person. Sometimes I wonder how that happened. How the relationship-hungry networker could become such a lazy anti-Uschi. Am I feeling cold? Have I become anti-social? I don't think it is. The truth is, I'm just smarter.

Why we are more skeptical as we get older

The thing is: I just know more than before. I know that at some point you will no longer be able to trade 58 acquaintances. I know that people often present themselves differently at the beginning than they really are. I know that people have demands on you if you don't keep them at a distance. And I know that my capacities are finite. As normal as all these things sound to me that I have long passed the age of 30, such thoughts are absurd for young people. In our youthful "easy sense" we found everything exciting, great, thought everything was possible and some people were gods. That was great, no question about it. But it was also quite simply a misjudgment. With today's knowledge, we would not have plunged into life the way we did. That's why it's a good thing we haven't had it yet.

People are human. And I'm not everyone's friend

Even if it feels like that sometimes, I'm sure: We haven't become any worse people just because we no longer want to be everyone's friends and consider everyone to be our friends, just because they share an interest with us. We are just more experienced and can set ourselves apart better. Why do we need thirty friends and acquaintances if we already know whose opinion counts for us? Why should we offend our really important people just because we promised XY, Hinz and Kunz an after-work beer, a birthday party or a girl brunch? But above all: How about justifying ourselves to overwhelm ourselves with thousands of "super important people" in our lives, whom we all could no longer do justice to. The fact that we no longer immediately find everyone super great and declare them a potential best buddy is really good news. It is a sign of wisdom, strength, and right priorities. No, God knows there are more disadvantages to getting older.