I feel alone What should I do

What to do when you feel lonely

Hiding at home and waiting for someone to take you out of the shell is not a solution and usually makes the situation even worse. Getting active initially takes strength and a little courage, but it usually pays off quickly. The following tips can help against loneliness.

1. Find a new hobby
Many leisure activities involve socializing and maybe even making friends. Why not browse the adult education center and learn Spanish or photography? You can also find nice people with whom you can go for a drink after training. In addition: During exercise, the body releases happiness hormones - for this reason alone it is worth overcoming your inner weaker self.

2. Take on an honorary position
Volunteering can also help against loneliness. Volunteering is a great way to socialize, do something useful, bring joy to others, and gain recognition. The areas in which one can be active range from environmental protection to reading aloud in kindergarten. The website of the Federal Association of Volunteer Agencies provides an overview.

3. Get on the dog
Anyone who has ever walked a dog knows that you almost always get into conversation with other dog owners or passers-by. You don't necessarily have to buy a dog yourself: Animal shelters are also happy about volunteers who occasionally go out with the dogs that live there. And so you have contact on three levels: with the animal shelter employees, with the animals - and very quickly with other people.

4. Refresh old contacts
Almost everyone has contacts on their phone list that they haven't contacted in a long time. That means: We are dissatisfied with our friendships, but we also do nothing to improve them. So why not pick up the phone? The other person will surely be happy about the unexpected contact and the interest and you will experience the feeling again that there is someone who is important to you.

5. Use the possibilities of the Internet
The virtual exchange on Facebook or in other social networks cannot replace personal contacts - but it also has a value, for example to participate in the life of friends or grandchildren who live far away. There are also internet forums and Facebook groups for people who have just moved to a city. In this way, real friendships can develop from online contacts.

6. Maintain neighborly relationships
Studies have shown: People who often meet and exchange ideas with neighbors have a significantly higher level of life satisfaction.³ In addition: only if you know each other can you look after each other and, for example, go to the pharmacy or to the Go to supermarket. Here, too, online offers such as the neighborhood platform Nebenan.de facilitate networking. These contacts do not always lead to deep friendships. But they are definitely a start on the way out of loneliness.