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IT salary: What is the average front end developer salary worldwide and in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)?

Front-end technologies are developing faster than ever before. Just think about it: On average, a front-end developer has to dig into a new tech stack every two years. Although JavaScript developers make up the majority of the developer community, there is a constant lack of talent in all technology strongholds. Find out how many front-end developers there are in the world, what the front-end developer salary is like in hi-tech countries and what influences salaries.

IT companies are increasingly relying on IT specialists from the Ukraine, in which around 200,000 software developers are expected to work in 2020. In 2019 there were around 184.7K IT specialists in Ukraine, which makes the country the largest outsourcing location in Eastern Europe.

What is the average front-end developer salary in selected countries?

As expected, front-end developer salaries are highest in the US. The average front-end developer salary there is $ 104,000 a year. A junior front-end developer with 1-3 years of experience earns an average of $ 72,000. A middle front-end developer earns around $ 100,000 a year.

Average front-end developer salary in selected countries

Average salary for front-end developers in selected countries

County townJuniorMiddleSenior
The USA$ 72K$ 100K$ 145K
San Francisco$ 87K$ 122K$ 174K
new York$ 68K$ 93K$ 149K
los Angeles$ 68K$ 96K$ 142K
San Jose$ 75K$ 98K$ 133K
Chicago$ 62K$ 89K$ 130K
The Netherlands$ 41K$ 56K$ 82K
Great Britain$ 32K$ 50K$ 69K
Switzerland$ 37K$ 90K$ 141K
Germany$ 43K$ 55K$ 70K
Austria$ 33K$ 48K$ 64K

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Average front-end developer salary in the US

The average salary for a front-end developer in the US is $ 104,000 per year. On top of that, they typically receive $ 2.5K worth of bonuses. Other common incentives are stock options, free meals, gym membership, etc.

Average front-end developer salary in the US

What is the average front-end developer salary in the US?

San Francisco is the IT metropolitan area in the USA par excellence. Front-end developer salaries for junior developers start at $ 87K per year. A senior front-end developer in San Francisco can earn as much as $ 174,000.

San Jose takes second place in the salary ranking. There, junior front-end developers make $ 87,000 a year. Middle developers are offered around $ 122,000 and $ 174,000 for senior developers.

Front-end developer salaries in New York City and los Angeles are as high as in San Jose. A junior developer in NY makes about $ 68,000 a year - just like in LA, while a senior programmer's salary would be $ 142,000 in LA and $ 149 in NYC.

Front-end developer in Chicago with up to two years of experience, middle and senior developers earn an average of between $ 89,000 and $ 130,000, some even more.

  • JavaScript - $72,045
  • CSS - $68,463
  • HTML5 - $68,698
  • React.js - $79,627
  • Angular.js - $75,193

Front-end developer salaries by seniority in the USA (source)

DACH region

Average front-end developer salaries in the DACH region

Average front-end developer salary in Germany

According to the Germany Startup Monitor, there are 1,500 startups in Berlin alone. Intense competition in the local market makes it difficult for small businesses to recruit highly qualified talent at decent wages.

With around 837,000 software developers, Germany has by far the largest pool of software developers in Europe. Munich, Berlin, Darmstadt, Hamburg and Stuttgart are also the most important IT conurbations.

What is the average front-end developer salary in Germany?

A junior front-end developer in Berlin earns around $ 43,000, a middle front-end developer around $ 55,000. A senior front-end developer, on the other hand, gets around $ 70,000 a year.

Average front-end developer salary in Switzerland

With a population of 8.5 million, the country has 144,000 developers who are helping to make Switzerland the land of startups. Around 836 new startups were registered in 2019. An increase is to be expected.

In terms of front-end developer salaries, Switzerland is comparable to San Jose in the US. The main difference between the two is the level of income tax. In Switzerland, withholding tax makes up 35% of income, while in the US, employees pay social and health insurance contributions, as well as federal and state income tax.

What is the average front-end developer salary in Switzerland?

Front-end developers in Switzerland earn around $ 37,000 a year. The annual salary of a middle front-end developer is approximately $ 90,000. A senior front-end developer makes about $ 141,000 a year.

Average front-end developer salary in Austria

Austria is a dynamically developing IT country with a total population of 8.8 million, 92,000 of whom are software developers. Due to rapid growth in the startup scene in 2018 and 2019, Austria now has more than 300 tech startups.

What is the average front-end developer salary in Austria?

The average junior front-end developer salary in Austria is $ 33,000 per year. A middle front-end developer makes $ 48,000 and a senior front-end developer makes $ 64,000.

Average front-end developer salary in Ukraine

Seniority, exclusive knowledge, range of individual skills and average wages are the factors that determine the front-end developer salary in Ukraine. We have used the latest data from the largest online community of Ukrainian developers dou.ua, but would also like to emphasize that the salaries vary from company to company and it is not wrong to seek advice from experts.

The most famous cities in Ukraine where IT professionals and companies are concentrated are Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odessa, all of which have numerous educational institutions for technical specialists. In fact, around 35,000 newcomers graduate from Ukrainian higher education institutions each year.

What is the average front-end developer salary in Ukraine?

The average front-end developer salary for junior programmers in Ukraine is up to $ 18,000. A middle front-end developer makes $ 35,000, and a senior front-end specialist makes about $ 54,000 a year.

What is the most popular front-end technology in the world?

According to Stack Overflow, the most popular front-end technology is JavaScript. Almost 70% of front-end developers use JavaScript as the primary technology, with the React.js framework cited as the most widely used.

Preferred front-end technologies and frameworks



  • JavaScript 69.7%
  • HTML / CSS 63.1%
  • SQL 56.5%
  • python 39.4%
  • Java 39.2%
  • React.js 74.5%
  • Vue.js 73.6%
  • Angular / Angular.js 57.6%

JavaScript works on an event-based principle. This means that the front-end part of a website reacts to clicks (events) on the user interface and collects data about the behavior of the visitor.

Later, the website owner can use the information to improve the interaction between the customer and the brand. In addition, JavaScript is compatible with all types of platforms - both mobile and desktop.

What does a front-end developer do?

Front-end developers bring design presets to life by using them in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. After that, a carefully crafted design turns into a fully interactive website with clickable buttons and smooth animation effects.

Depending on seniority and additional expertise, a front-end developer can:

  1. Transform a design concept into JavaScript, CSS and HTML code

  2. Create highly interactive interfaces for a smooth user experience

  3. Implement best practices for search engine optimization

  4. Make sure the website is bug free and easy to use

Technical skills that a front-end developer should have

Working with the interface is not the only job of a front-end developer. A front-end developer should also be expected to have a good knowledge of search engine optimization, quality assurance and DevOps.

A junior front-end developer must know HTML / CSS, be familiar with the general principles of JavaScript and have experience in using frameworks - Angular, React.js or Vue.js.

Middle front-end developer should know how to develop a new project from scratch. In-depth knowledge of the DOM-API, the algorithms and the semantics are basic knowledge of a middle front-end developer.

Senior front-end developer are usually involved when it comes to creating the project architecture from the start. Because of this, a senior engineer must be familiar with and able to teach programming best practices, use programming patterns, and have knowledge of how to set up Webpack.

Desirable technical skills of a front-end developer by seniority

Junior front-end developer

Middle front-end developer

Senior front-end developer

  1. HTML / CSS

  2. Basic knowledge of JavaScript

  3. Knowledge of any framework from: React.js / Vue.js / Angular

  4. Git

  1. Everything a junior front-end developer knows

  2. Advanced knowledge of any framework from: React.js / Vue.js / Angular

  3. Development of a completely new project

  4. Basic knowledge of the DOM API

  5. Basic knowledge of algorithms

  6. Knowledge of the implementation of libraries

  7. Know how to create e2e texts

  8. In-depth knowledge of semantics

  1. Everything a junior and middle front-end developer needs to know

  2. Practical knowledge of project architecture

  3. Use of programming patterns

  4. Advanced knowledge of algorithms

  5. Set up Webpack

  6. Best coding practices

How to find front-end developers: Commonly used job titles

The work of a front-end developer can be so diverse that it pays to think more carefully about which specialists you need to work on your specific project. For this reason, we have created a table with the most common job titles for front-end developers and based their functions on Frontend Masters.

Front-end engineer

Has a degree in computer science and applied knowledge in application development

CSS / HTML developer

The specialist knowledge is limited to CSS and HTML, knowledge in the development of applications and JavaScript is lacking

Front-end developer

Specialist with average knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and DOM

Commonly used front-end job titles

Job title


Front-end web designer

Skills span CSS / HTML, as well as visual and interactive design

Mobile / tablet front-end developer

Experience in building front ends for mobile devices and tablets

Front-end accessibility expert

Basic knowledge in the creation of interfaces that correspond to the current standards for access

Front-end tester / quality assurance

Extensive experience in performing unit, function, A / B and user tests

Front-end SEO expert

Can create interfaces that are well optimized for search engines

Web / front-end interface engineer

Knowledge of interaction design principles and front-end development skills

How many JavaScript developers are there in the world?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of JavaScript developers will increase by 27% between 2014 and 2024.

Number of JavaScript developers in 2019 (source)

To quote the latest research from SlashData State of Developer Nation: “JavaScript is and remains the queen of programming languages ​​with a community of over 11 million active developers. On the second level we have Java (6.9M) and Python (6.8M). "

Which factors influence the salary level of front-end developers?

Increased demand for senior developers and a devaluation of the concept of seniority. In the 2000s, a candidate needed 10 years of experience to apply for a senior developer position. In 2019, only 5 years of experience are required on average.

The ever-evolving front-end tech stack and lack of technical education. The tech stack in the frontend area changes every two years, so universities have problems keeping up with this pace.

Number of available specialists
America and Western European countries generate 90% of the demand, but at the same time suffer from a severe shortage of skilled workers, while Eastern European and Asian countries have developed as locations for talent generation to meet the enormous demand.

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