What are some sexy English TV series

Learn English quickly with these 10 TV series

Do you want to learn English quickly, but don't feel like hanging around in front of a book and cramming vocabulary? No problem, because you can now learn English through TV series.

All nonsense you think Of ways, many people improve their English skills by watching movies and series. For example, Mila Kunis once said in an interview that she only learned English by watching British and American television series.

Of course, we don't promise you any miracles, because you may never achieve fluency in English, but it is true that you can learn a lot from the numerous TV series.

For example, you will not only learn fantastic British accents, but also American and Australian accents and the latest slang.

But which TV show should you start with? No problem - I've got a list of the ten best TV series that you can use to learn English very quickly. Have fun binge watching!

1. Learn English with "Friends"

A little piece of us died when Friends ceased broadcast in 2004 after 10 years.

Friends is by far one of the most famous American sitcoms in the world, and rightly so - it's a mix of sarcasm, dry (‘not obvious ’) humor, and lessons in what NOT to do when taking a break from relationships.

The best English phrase you will learn:Oh. My. Gooooooooood! "

2. Learn English with “Game of Thrones”

Even if you are not a fan of fantasy, medieval battles and dragons, this series is an absolute MUST!

She just has everything you could want: sword fights, zombies, love stories, monsters, a classy British accent and a lot of bare skin (#hot). Learning English is guaranteed to be fun!

The best English phrase you will learn: You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

3. Learn English with Keeping up with the Kardashians

The family, which everyone loves to laugh about (and not always because they're funny), is also one of the best sources for learning modern colloquial English - when you're not trying to understand why they have another new car or car need to buy a handbag, of course.

The best English phrase you will learn: Like, literally.”

4. Better English thanks to "House of Cards"

Are you aiming for a career in the USA? Learn all of the complicated expressions used in the business and political worlds from this political thriller series.

This may be hard at first, but before you know it, you're going to be the only person at a party who knows how the American legal system works, and that's pretty cool.

The best English phrase you will learn: Friends make the worst enemies.”

5. Learn English with "Sex and the City ”

Anyone who has ever dreamed of living in New York has to watch this RomCom series about four girlfriends and the absurd situations they end up in (mostly hilarious, sometimes sad).

In addition, they are always fantastically dressed and you can find out where all the great places for brunch in Manhattan are.

The best English phrase you will learn: I couldn't help wondering to myself ...

6. Learn British English with “Sherlock”

Sherlock Holmes has been all the rage again since this British series started in 2010. It doesn't hurt that lead actor Benedict Cumberbatch is now famous all over the world.

The series is especially worth seeing if you are thinking of becoming a novelist or a genius detective. Plus: You learn a great British accent!

The best English phrase you will learn: Everybody shut up!

7. Learn English with the "Simpsons"

Nothing beats them Simpsons for looking on the side. Spoken English is straightforward and easy to relate to, even if you won't understand all the insider jokes (don't worry, sometimes I don't get them either).

The series has been running for over 30 years, so there are always plenty of episodes to watch. #score

The best English phrase you will learn: Doh!

8. Learn Australian English with Home and Away

This Australian soap opera has everything you imagine the beach city of Sydney to be: sun, sea, sand, surfers and incredibly handsome performers.

In fact, everyone on the show is absolutely stunning (actors like Chris Hemsworth, Heath Ledger, Isla Fisher and Danii Minogue, for example, had their big break with Home and Away).

Once you've had enough of admiring the cast, you can also learn a few basic Aussie expressions (as if that still mattered).

The best English phrase you will learn: How’re you going?

9. Learn English with "Summer Heights High ”

Australian comedian Chris Lilley created this iconic television show playing a variety of different characters, including the hilarious and fabulous drama teacher Mr. G, the spoiled schoolgirl Ja’mie and the rebellious Pacific islander Jonah.

The series always makes me wish my school days were funnier and not just because I kept embarrassing myself.

The best English phrase you will learn: Welcome to the magical world of drama!

10. Learn New Zealand English with Shortland Street

Want to spice up your New Zealand accent? Try this long-running hospital soap opera set in Auckland.

The characters are of different origins. There are Maori actors and some famous faces who made it in Hollywood.

You can also impress your friends with your medical knowledge, although I'm sure it is slightly more complicated in real life than it is on TV.

The best English phrase you will learn: You're not in Guatemala now, Dr. Ropata!

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