Financial advisor make money

What does a self-employed financial advisor - mortgage broker earn?

What does a real estate loan broker make?

As a rule, an average self-employed financing broker receives approx. 1% of the loan amount from the bank as commission, should he have successfully brokered the financing. The distribution of the commission is based on the experience and the processed financing volume of the consultant. A broker usually earns up to a volume of:

1 million / year in the SMART level max. 1% of the loan amount.
To 3 million / year as a PREMIUM consultant up to 2.2%.
Up to 5 million in the PREMIUM Plus level up to 2.4%. In addition, we are talking about
PROFESSIONALS, who up to 2.55% Generate commission income. Professionals benefit from further privileges.

Every other product, such as building society contracts, checking accounts, credit cards and insurance, is also included.

Why is that?

With the volume processed, the consultant's competence increases and the sales company, such as Kreditplanet24, has less effort with service, clearing and competence center than with a consultant with barely 1 million volume per year. Sales and competence are rewarded with a higher commission.

How quickly does one become a professional consultant?

There are Colleagues who achieve this volume and competence very quickly. They quickly created a large network of informers. You cooperate in the purchasing association with sales companies such as Kreditplanet24 and benefit from competence centers, online training courses and sales secrets. In this way you will quickly become highly competent in your field, which has a very quick effect on volume and income. On average, we observe that it takes about three years to get there.

Kreditplanet24 is interested in your professional development and invested with supervision and training in his intermediary. Let yourself be advised in a personal conversation.

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