What is polite in Great Britain

UK business etiquette - stay polite

More and more people work temporarily abroad. In order not to embarrass yourself at meetings and business talks abroad, however, it is important to consider country-specific features. The United Kingdom is particularly suitable for a stay abroad, as most of them can speak English well. However, in order to really understand the people of the UK, there are a few differences that you should understand.

Keep your distance

One shouldn't be too brash in the British Isles. You make a better impression if you politely keep your distance. When greeting, for example, a handshake is only common at the very first meeting. After that, you should better save yourself this physical contact. It is also important to remember that the distance zone for a conversation in England is larger than in Germany. It is therefore advisable to keep a distance of at least one meter from the person you are speaking to.

British small talk

In the UK, small talk is very important in business. The British use the little conversation not only to loosen up the atmosphere, but also show real interest in their counterparts. The weather is particularly suitable as a topic for entertainment in between. This aspect never gets boring due to the geographic location of the British Isles. On the other hand, avoid topics of conversation about sensitive issues such as politics and religion.

Always be polite

English courtesy is notorious. It is therefore important to always be on time and to avoid open criticism and know-it-alls. In the United Kingdom, Germans in particular are afflicted with the cliché of being arrogant. It is therefore better to stick to the typically British understatement more often. Even a clear German no is often too brash for the British, as they are less direct than they are used to in this country.