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Report from a world without smells
  • Release date: 08/17/2009
  • 240 pages
  • Zsolnay
  • Hard cover
  • ISBN 978-3-552-05475-2
  • Germany: RRP € 19.90
  • Austria: € 20.50

A life without smells? After a serious fall on his bike, Walter Kohl learns that he has lost his sense of smell forever. In view of the other, life-threatening injuries he sustained in the accident, his existence without a sense of smell initially seems a perfectly acceptable prospect. Only gradually does he become aware of the extent of this impairment. Not only in the proverbial sense can we smell each other or not. However, dealing with people you can't smell at all is the hardest thing: closeness and distance get mixed up, every type of direct communication becomes a challenge, the experience of sexuality is just as affected as the joy of eating and drinking. Walter Kohl wrote an intimate and unique report in a kind of autobiography about what it means when the memory of the smell of bacon, roses or fire slowly disappears.

Walter Kohl

Walter Kohl, born in Linz / Upper Austria in 1953. Until 1996 correspondent for the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse. Lives as a freelance writer in Eidenberg / Upper Austria. Most recently published: Good Hope ...

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"One of the literary surprises in this autumn of books ... great literature, straightforward and unsentimental." Gerhard Zeillinger, Die Presse, 10.10.09

"A disturbing and important reading." Book culture, 10/09

"An absolutely compelling book." Amelie Fried, The Readers, 23.10.09

"... a very impressive book ..." Alwin Schönberger, Profil, 03/15/10

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