What is the latest business news

  • Cancellation of the radio exhibition in September : IFA will not take place this year either

    The five most important events at Messe Berlin are canceled this year. Loss probably even greater than 2020. By Alfons Fresemehr

  • Eating habits are changing : The number of vegetarians and vegans has doubled in the corona crisis

    Their share remains low at ten and two percent respectively. However, this year's nutrition report shows a clear trend. By Thorsten Mummemehr

  • Crypto market collapses : Bitcoin drops to $ 30,000

    Fear of more regulation has caused the market to collapse. Even for the volatile crypto market, these are extraordinary losses.more

  • Double taxation of pensioners : Federal Fiscal Court ruled on May 31st

    Does the state collect double payments from pensioners? The Federal Fiscal Court negotiated important detailed issues on Wednesday. Pensioners hope for relief. By Heike Jahbergmehr

  • Build, cover, socialize : Your questions about rising rents and property prices

    On Thursday from 7 p.m., real estate experts will be available to answer your questions about renting and buying - at Tagesspiegel Live. More from Christian Tretbar

  • A new summer of drought is looming : “I see that the first are watering their gardens. Is that really necessary?"

    Despite current rainfall, experts warn of drinking water shortages. You see a “complete change”. The groundwater cannot regenerate. More from Christian Schaudwet

  • Green-red government warning : Employers think the FDP is good

    Elective test stones submitted to the Confederation of Employers' Associations. Council of the world of work presents its first report. By Alfons Fresemehr

  • 55 hours per week or more : UN study attributes 745,000 deaths to overwork

    Heart disease and strokes: According to a study, around 23 million healthy years of life were lost worldwide in 2016. By Marie Rövekampmore

  • Call for redistribution : Trade unions and cultural workers join forces

    The pandemic makes it possible: Very different groups are calling for more welfare states and less capitalism together. By Alfons Fresemehr

  • Debate about short-haul flights : Flying should be as cheap as possible

    Baerbock and Scholz are on a planned economy astray. That benefits neither the passenger nor the climate. There are better ways. A comment. By Thorsten Mummemehr

  • Berlin-Vienna in five hours : The rapid transit line is to be expanded

    The route is part of a “Trans-Europ-Express TEE 2.0” concept. This also includes the increased use of night trains through Europe.more

  • Exclusive Boeing 737 Max at the low-cost airline : Ryanair passengers can refuse unlucky aircraft

    Passengers who are afraid of flying the technically fragile Boeing 737 Max can rebook for the same day with the low-cost airline Ryanair at no extra charge. By Jens Tartlermore

  • Update change of the pension formula : From July 2022 up to 5.6 percent more pension

    When the economy recovers after the crisis, seniors can look forward to a significant increase in pensions. This makes it possible to change the pension formula. By Corinna Cerrutimore

  • Thousands of retirees affected : Double taxation of the pension before the Federal Fiscal Court

    Are pensions wrongly taxed twice? The Federal Fiscal Court will negotiate on Wednesday. The decision could have an enormous dimension. More

  • Automated investments : How justified are the great expectations of robo-advisors?

    Investors have high hopes for the new technology. This is how serious deficits are that a new study finds. More from Anke Rezmer

  • Central banks fuel debate : Is inflation coming back now?

    After rising inflation figures in the US, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tries to calm down. But with that he really heats up the debate. By Andreas Oswaldmehr

  • Report of the Council of the World of Work : Fewer mini-jobs, more training and protection for the self-employed

    For the first time, the new Council of Experts is presenting a report with recommendations for labor market and social policy. By Alfons Fresemehr

  • Save taxes with the children : What expenses parents can deduct for their offspring

    Parents get a lot of help from the state. But to make the most of them for tax purposes, you have to plan early - and meet a number of conditions. More from Laura de la Motte, Katharina Schneider

  • Poverty and wealth report : In campaign times, every study has at least two truths

    Whether Corona has intensified injustice in Germany will be part of the debate until September. The interpretation of the poverty report gives a foretaste. By Thorsten Mummemehr

  • Live better with 50plus : How To Cash In On Your Home Without Moving Out

    What apartment owners need to know about right of residence, annuities, usufruct, partial sales in order to stay fluent in old age. And how searchers can benefit from it. More from Reinhart Bünger

  • Berlin real estate market : These companies invested the most money in Berlin apartments

    Whoever invests their money in the real estate market often goes undetected. An analysis now shows the top 20 investors on the Berlin housing market for the past 13 years. More from Helena Wittlich, David Meidinger, Hendrik Lehmann