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TV Shows: The best TV series of 2020


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2020 was reportedly the year the world blanked out Netflix. We also watched quite a bit: here are the personal series highlights of the critics of ZEIT and ZEIT ONLINE.

"Normal People"

Of course, nobody is normal in Normal people. Not the hated A student Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones), not the introverted rugby star Connell (Paul Mescal) and certainly not the people who both meet at the university in Dublin. With their adaptation of a novel by Sally Rooney, however, directors Lenny Abrahamson and Hettie Macdonald do not tell a story about proud outsiders. Nothing appears adorkable in the peculiarities of the young lovers who seem to get along neither with nor without each other. Instead describes Normal people the class consciousness of Irish society and its elite universities as the ultimate love killer.

Connell's mother is Marianne's mother's cleaning lady. There is a lack of money in his family, in hers of everything else. The relationship between the two never seems to get over this fact. Although Marianne emancipated herself from her own family in the course of her university days, although she and Connell developed a worldview with which they should actually be able to escape the expectations of parents' homes, friends and other outside world. It's tricky, and in the end it gets tragic too. Told about the way there Normal people with infallible powers of observation for the power dynamics of a young relationship and the influence, status, self-esteem and sex can have on them.
(Daniel Gerhardt)

The twelve episodes of "Normal People" run on Starzplay via Amazon Prime.