Are solar panels made in India

90 percent of all solar modules are produced in Asia

Most of the world's solar modules are manufactured in the Asia-Pacific region. This is not a surprise, but the dominance is. According to an analysis by Global Data, 90.4 percent come from there. In the past year, China dominated the world market in terms of both demand and the supply of solar modules. Around two thirds of the production capacities for solar modules were located in China in 2013, according to Global Data. Overall, China is responsible for the production of 30 gigawatts. The share of production in the USA and Europe, on the other hand, only made up two and three percent of the total. "The significant and sustained growth in demand in the photovoltaic markets is driving the expansion of global module production, which is expected to grow from 40,806 megawatts in 2013 to 45,170 megawatts this year," says Ankit Mathur, project manager for alternative energies at Global Data. In addition to China, Japan with 3700 megawatts and South Korea with 2400 megawatts also have considerable production capacities.

"China can look forward to a landslide-like victory in crystalline module production in 2013 after significantly increasing its global market share to 70.4 percent," continues Mathur. After the numerous announcements of anti-dumping measures against crystalline photovoltaic manufacturers from China, these have concentrated more on the home market. As a result of the growth of the photovoltaic market worldwide, the existing overcapacities have also been further reduced. Numerous manufacturers are now planning to expand their production facilities. As a result, according to Global Data, the overcapacity could rise again and this year is expected to be 78 percent. (Sandra Enkhardt)

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