Can we automate API tests

NeoLoad for testing microservices, API and components

The job of unit tests

At Neotys, we follow the motto: "Test early ... and test often". By this we mean that load tests should ideally be carried out as early as possible and more frequently in the software development process. H. should be implemented at different levels of granularity. In approach, unit tests are comparable to API tests, but special methods are often required to ensure complete test coverage of all components and application levels

The testing of a single component and the subsequent testing of integrated component groups (e.g. for a user interface) ensure that these components still function properly if more complex test and load scenarios are added at a later point in the software development process. You can then confidently move on to standard system-wide performance testing in the preproduction environment.

Unit tests are increasingly being implemented in CI and CD environments (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery). Continuous integration (CI) primarily pursues defensive goals; Performance testers and developers carry out tests regularly and automatically and try to document performance developments and compare the results with a reference test. In doing so, they usually want to find out whether current changes to the code have resulted in a deterioration or an improvement in performance.