How difficult is the dental school

Quality assurance and development

Johann Esche Elementary School

School program work

Development status of the school program:

Our school has a school program.

Focus of the school program

  • 1. We focus on learning. 2. We see ourselves as a school in which school life prepares people for life.

Resolutions of the school conference that were of particular importance for school development:

  • Election of parent representatives for all-day offers in the 2016/2017 school year apply for the school program house rules

The school program was confirmed by the school conference on November 4, 1915.

The main focus of work that the school is pursuing in the current school year:

  • Our vision: Best education for all of our students! Our actions: goal-oriented-transparent-collegial Our claim: Every single one counts!

Health promotion / addiction prevention

Health promotion / addiction prevention is part of the school program.
At the school there is a concept for health promotion / addiction prevention.
Topics that are taken into account in the concept:
  • Nutritional education / nutrition education (e.g. eating culture, eating disorders)
  • Sport and exercise promotion

Health promotion / addiction prevention measures that are provided for students and teachers at the school:

  • Healthy Eating and Dental Care School 2000

Projects that are included for this:


Not specified.

Source: Submission by the school, as of October 17, 2016