Is it wrong to love your country

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Love for one's own country

Translated from the French, the word means “love of fatherland”. (Originally it is derived from the Greek word "patriótes", which means "someone of the same sex".) Instead of love of the country, one could also say "emotional attachment to the cultural and historical values ​​and achievements of the people in which one lives" . A patriot often has a particularly close relationship with the symbols of his country such as hymns, flags, orders, certain festivals that recall historical events. There are patriots in every country in the world.

“Don't ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” - John F. Kennedy

This sentence is often quoted by the former American President Kennedy, who appealed to the patriotism of his compatriots. The willingness to perform and the willingness to make sacrifices of the citizens should be strengthened.

Exaggerated patriotism

Misunderstood patriotism that only applies to one's own nation and devalues ​​other nations is called nationalism. It is often associated with arrogance and arrogance towards people of other nationalities. Such an attitude can lead to serious disturbances of coexistence in a state, but also within the international community.

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