Are Portuguese, Hispanic or Latino

Hispanics are both as well. When the Spanish colonizers drove around the world to spread God's message and bring home valuable metals, they brought the language with them, which was in constant evolution in their home. Portuguese spanish latinos. That's exactly where the name comes from. I know the latino itself. The former colonies have inherited much of the cultures of their European conquerors, not just the language. As a Brazilian, that makes me really aggressive that such a Spaniard comes from the side and tells me I'm not a Latina XD. Hello, I am Portuguese and I don't understand why many Germans think that Portuguese / Spaniards are not Latinos? Why does convert2mp3net no longer work? Photo: ddp. Example: A Latin American music station in Spain: Fiebre Latino. Politically speaking. Phasmophobia: How to Solve Speech Recognition Problems Nop Spaniards are latinos or latinas because without the countries Portugal and Spain Brazil and the rest of South America would not have existed so the latinos and latinas would not have come about without us I am Spaniard and Portuguese so be quiet you are just jealous because you are not comes from such a great country. The feminine form of the word is Latina. Only when a Portuguese is added does one differentiate, if necessary. In Germany itself, Latino is equated with Latin American. Spain occupies almost six seventh of the Iberian Peninsula. Today there are more than 45 million. Please what do they really have to do with Latin? The Spanish or Castilian language (own name español [espaˈɲol] or that makes me so aggro that I could give this Spaniard one for it. Because the Latin Americans only come from the Portuguese and Spaniards (next to Africans etc.) so hi says to the Dutch yes tulips, what can you say to Spaniards? yes or no? There is a collective agreement in Spain: the young can make as much noise and nonsense as they like. The term is mainly used in Angloamerica for US citizens The term was coined by the government of the USA in the 1970s. Please what do they really have to do with Latin? Another curiosity is that Latin Americans apparently say, for example, but why do they say that? Let's see each other Let's take a look at the music industry: Spanish musicians are also often referred to as Latino there. Spaniards do not belong to the Latinos, because these people -Latinos- come from Latin America. In the USA the term h often used synonymously to denote the group of Hispanics. Came to the mixing of the population groups. The trend in Germany is towards a slightly warmer greeting, for example with a short hug. "Latino" is also the short form for the Spanish word latinoamericano ("Latin American"). However, they are also differentiated in Latin America, e.g. Since Spain is not part of Latin America, most of the Spaniards are not Latinos. As far as I know, Latinos are the people from Latin America. And it is clear to me: PORTUGUESES ARE NOT LATINOS. In 1950 fewer than 4 million U.S. Citizens from Spanish-speaking countries. Look up the definition, spelling, synonyms and grammar of 'Latino' in Duden online. Yes or no? Only in Germany the terms are confused. But now you have to go into a little more detail: If you say Latino in Latin America, you mean Latin Americans. Some say Latinos are Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Are Spaniards Latinos and am I mistaken or was the Spaniard simply verbalized? America would have neither Latin Americans nor Latinos, not even Latin America, if it had not been part of the Spanish and Portuguese national territory. Are Spaniards Latinos and am I mistaken or was the Spaniard simply verbalized? With her channel, she addresses Latinos and Spaniards who want to live in Germany or who already live in Germany. Thanks in advance