What are ISFP shortcomings

The iSFP renovation schedule and EWärmeG variant in B-W

The individual renovation schedule shows how the building will be Step by step about a longer period Comprehensive energy-efficient renovation through coordinated measures and the primary energy requirement can be reduced as much as possible. The possible energetic renovation measures are according to the Best possible principle selected and should Lock-in effects avoid.

An important element of the individual rehabilitation roadmap is that Formation of packages from individual renovation measures. The formation of these packages takes the following circumstances into account:

  • Basically, this approach is part of the renovation schedule necessary preparatory work that builds on each other Calculation: For example, the airtightness must first be improved so that a ventilation system with heat recovery works and is economical.
  • The procedure in packages is also useful because it is Anyway measures such as B. the construction of a scaffold has to be carried out only once.
  • In addition, remedial measures can already be taken be coordinatedwithout having to run them on time. So z. B. Mounting frames can be built into the insulation layer so that it is easier to install new energy-saving windows later.
  • Similar advantages result from successive savings: If the house is insulated first, the heat requirement is reduced and can be used in a later heating renovation a smaller heating output to get voted. This also improves the budget because heating costs have already been saved.

The owner also receives information about the in his renovation roadmap Amount of costs of the proposed efficiency measures. The estimated, expected total annual cost burden shown.

In addition to the one-off investment costs for maintenance and energy efficiency measures, the ongoing operating, maintenance and energy costs listed. They are summarized as the average annual costs over the observation period of 20 years. Possible revenues from a PV system are also listed here.

The energy advisor also points out which Funding You can apply for.