What is project appraisal in construction

Middle school

Project review of the M10 in technology

from 05/25/2020 - 05/29/2020 with the topic:

Manufacture of a cookery bookkeeper


After the technical students of the M10 had received their guiding text on Monday with the production topic “cookbook keeper” and the task information for creating a project folder and a corresponding presentation, models of a suitable cookbook keeper were eagerly researched. The students also had to work out certain criteria for the workpiece, such as: B. space-saving storage, non-slip stable stand, secure hold of a book and the right size for an opened book, etc ...

Then ideas were collected, sketches made and finally the production drawing including parts list with a CAD program for the workpiece was created. Just as important as material planning and independent organization of the material was the selection of the right tools with professional production techniques.

On Wednesday different models on the subject of cookbook holders were created, which everyone could see and which now contribute to the enrichment of our school kitchen equipment.

Senior teacher, Angelika Flamm


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