How many times have swords broken in battle?


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weapons (engl. weapons) are essential items for fighting opponents, bosses and even other players in PvP. Weapons are made, found in chests, dropped by opponents, or acquired from NPCs. In Terraria there is a multitude of different weapons and weapon classes that enable certain play styles or specific tasks.

Many tools can also be used as weapons, although that is not their primary purpose. In a broader sense, even traps, self-defending NPCs () and lava can be used as weapons.

Melee weapons Edit source]

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Swords [edit | Edit source]

Swords are melee weapons that can be divided into two categories: short swords and broad swords. Short swords have a very short range and attack with a horizontal "shock attack". Broadswords swing overhead, making them easier to fight against flying and jumping opponents.

Pre-hardmode swords

Jojos [edit | Edit source]

Jojos are melee weapons that behave similarly to flails and follow the mouse pointer.

Spears [edit | Edit source]

Spears are melee weapons that have a medium range (often greater than that of swords), but similar to short swords, attack with one thrust. In contrast to short swords, however, spears can be moved in a specific direction. Spears are also more likely to hit enemies more than once, especially larger enemies.

Boomerangs [edit | Edit source]

Boomerangs are melee weapons that return to the player character after being thrown. Their damage is reported as "close combat" because they are physically thrown and do not use ammunition.

Pre-hard mode boomerangs

Flail [edit | Edit source]

Flails are melee weapons that consist of an object connected to the player by a chain. There are two types of flails: thrown flails can be kept hanging indefinitely, and fired flails immediately return to the player.