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Galaxy upcycling turns old smartphones into IoT devices

With Galaxy Upcycling, Samsung is aiming to convert old Galaxy smartphones
SamsungSamsung is committed to the Galaxy Upcycling project for the environment and at the same time promotes the Internet of Things (IoT). This program, which deals with the reuse of old Galaxy smartphones, was launched last year within the Group's own C-Lab. Instead of leaving a discarded mobile device gathering dust in the drawer or throwing it in the trash, it should be networked for other purposes in the future. In a recently published video, Samsung presented ideas such as using an old smartphone as a command center for a smart aquarium.

Galaxy Upcycling - Smart Home instead of electronic waste

With Galaxy Upcycling, Samsung is aiming to convert old Galaxy smartphones
Samsung "Countless functioning smartphones are replaced by new ones every year", the South Korean company introduces its new Galaxy upcycling video with this sentence. According to the manufacturer, recycling would inevitably also mean environmental pollution. Last year alone there were 50 million tons of electronic waste worldwide. Upcycling is a better solution because the devices are not dismantled and they can still be used. The basic idea was that smartphones contained many useful sensors and other components that could be used for other purposes. The team behind Samsung's project was rewarded for its commitment with the Cutting Edge Champion Award in the awards for sustainable materials management in the USA in November 2017.

Purposes of use and access for the end user

An old Galaxy cell phone as a control center for a smart aquarium
Samsung Among other things, the eleven-man engineering team had the idea of ​​converting a disused Galaxy smartphone into a control center for a smart aquarium. With the addition of appropriate components, animal lovers can, for example, switch the pool light on and off. In addition, feeding can be initiated remotely and the condition of the fish can be viewed using a camera. A member of the C-Lab, in turn, created a smart food bowl for cats or dogs. The smartphone is attached to this and sends a photo as soon as the four-legged friend eats his meal. Samsung emphasizes that Galaxy Upcycling eliminates the need to purchase various individual parts such as cameras, sensors and network technology that a corresponding IoT system would otherwise need. The project will be implemented as an open source platform for end users. On this one should then be able to find new ideas and share their own. If you would like to receive information about Galaxy Upcycling from Samsung in the future, you can register here.