What is the best coleslaw recipe

The best coleslaw recipes

coleslaw is usually made from white cabbage. In the meantime, however, the coleslaw made from red cabbage has also established itself. Cabbage is one of the oldest cultivated plants, aids digestion and has many vitamins.
Whether coleslaw is eaten warm with bacon or eaten cold with hearty dishes such as roast pork - there are many ways you can give it to you Coleslaw recipe can try. The only thing that is usually not missing is caraway. From Red cabbage to the famous AmericanCole slaw there are many recipe ideas. With us you will find many tasty ways to prepare your homemade coleslaw and the most important tips and tricks to make coleslaw and sauerkraut a success. We also have simple step-by-step video instructions for you to ensure that your coleslaw is a success.

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