Samwell Tarly had a dark side

What the episode title means:

"Dragon Stone" is the family home of House Targaryen, to which Daenerys is returning after decades of exile. "Dragon glass", on the other hand, is the material to which the white hikers are allergic and from which no one yet knows where to get it. Thank goodness there is Sam Tarly, who during his basic maester training - a grandiose montage of latrine scrubbers, lugging books and emptying chamber pots in the style of Edgar Wright's films - finds out that there is dragon glass under Drachenstein, a whole mine of it. Anyone who has listened a little more attentively than Sam and Jon Snow may remember that Stannis Baratheon - former Drachenstein lodger - reported on it a few seasons ago. But even then it was only about a weapon to save the world, so you can be a bit distracted.

This is how this episode will be remembered:

As the episode in which you can't even decide on a favorite quote. In addition to the failed funeral address of the Hound and the really badass Littlefinger flashback from Sansa, there is also: Jaime Lannister, who reminds his sister Cersei, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, that there are only three kingdoms left - "at most"; Euron Greyjoy, who would like to marry the brother-lover Cersei and therefore reminds her and her hand-amputated brother Jaime that he himself still has "two good hands"; or ex-Hogwarts professor Jim Broadbent, who as Archmaester Marwyn warns the ambitious sorcerer's apprentice Sam, like Lord Voldemort himself once before, not to rummage through the forbidden section of the library.

Best performance:

The Singing Soldier Eddard of House Sheeran. Admittedly, the Wald advertising appearance for his new album itself was a bit silly. The scene with him and his fellow Lannister soldiers offering Arya a place around the campfire was all the better. Because while the young woman with the license to kill is still taking a look at the situation and making sure that the soldiers' weapons are out of reach, the murder victims-to-be turn out to be terribly nice people. One hands the roasted pike rabbit over ("My mother taught me that I should be nice to strangers, then strangers are nice to me too"), the other tells about his newborn child, whose gender he doesn't even know. "I hope it's a girl. Girls take care of their dads when the dads get old. Boys just leave to fight other people's wars." And in this way prevents Arya, who first as a girl, then as a boy and now as a girl again, fights her very own war because she watched her aging dad being beheaded, from slipping onto the dark side of power.

We liked Euron Greyjoy better than he did ...

... looked a little less like a young rock star of the early 90s. Even if he only had about one song length of screen time in season six, he still appeared as a menacing megalomaniac figure, for whose arrogance there must be a secret reason. The Euron, which now stood before Cersei's throne, is more like a mixture of Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow and Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider: you've just seen this special kind of madness too often to be afraid of it.

Who we missed:

The dachshund look of Jorah Mormont, better known as the Lord Friendship Zone by Daenerys Targaryen. Not in this episode, but over much of the previous season. Because his lady of the heart sent him to the prairie to find a cure for his incurable disease. We now learn that his search has apparently taken him across the entire continent, but he still doesn't look too healthy, on the contrary. But because his story is so heartbreaking, we hope we will miss him less often in season seven.

How it goes on:

Romances everywhere: Jon Snow-Stark-Targaryen goes to Drachenstein to get dragon glass, and there falls in love with dragon mom Daenerys Targaryen. Because he left Winterfell just five minutes early to meet his brother / cousin Bran, who could have warned him about the somewhat complicated relationship of this love affair. Euron goes on a shopping spree for a bride present for Cersei. You can choose from the head of the hated brother Tyrion, a thorn rose or a real dragon. And Wildling Tormund finally tackles the matter with his dream wife Brienne after he envied her squire Podrick for his beating. With a bit of luck, not all of these predictions are true. How did Daenerys say so beautifully at the end of the episode? "Should we start?" Yes, please. At last!

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