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Masturbation: This is how boys masturbate!

Most boys masturbate by grasping their penis and moving their hands up and down so that the foreskin moves back and forth over the glans. Special aids are not required, although a little lubricant can do no harm 😉 But a little variety can also make masturbation more exciting for young men ...


Masturbation: This is how boys masturbate!

Boys get their first ejaculation between the ages of 11 and 15. But you can also try masturbation if you haven't had an ejaculation yet. You still come to orgasm - it just doesn't flow or squirt out sperm. Either way, masturbating is a good way to get to know your own body and to familiarize yourself with sexual pleasure.


5 tips: how does jerk off work properly?

The Dr. Summer team advises: as is so often the case with tips for sex or masturbation, the same applies here - there is no right or wrong. Only you can find out what your body finds beautiful when masturbating or jerking off. But what always works: sometimes use both hands when masturbating. While you arouse yourself with one hand on the penis, you can pamper other erogenous areas of the body with the other hand. This includes, for example, your nipples and testicles, but also the area around the anus and your inner thighs.

  1. Massage Your Frenulum: This Way of Masturbation for boys, it takes a bit of a pace and is also a good way to foreplay with yourself. It's best to have some lubricant on hand - your goal is the frenulum, a small v-shaped skin band on the underside of the penis where the shaft is merges into the glans. With some gel on your index finger, you can massage this spot with circular movements.
  2. Masturbation classics: This technique is the easiest way to experience an orgasm, especially for young men who are getting to know their bodies and masturbation. Enclose your penis with your hand 👊🏼 (are you right-handed or left-handed? Use your writing hand alternately - and your other hand as well) and grip it tighter or weaker as you like. Now move your hand rhythmically up and down.
  3. Jerking off is totally okay: 😉 This technique is a more delicate variant of the classic, because you only use your thumb and index finger to encircle your penis - like an "okay" 👌🏼 sign. Then move your fingers up and down the shaft of the penis. You will find that the method keeps your sexual tension longer - perfect for anyone who comes quickly every now and then.
  4. Grasp your penis with both hands: In doing so, one hand encloses the lower part of the penis, near the penis root, the other you place around the penis shaft over it 🤜🏻🍆🤛🏻 You form a tunnel with your hands, in which your hands Penis while masturbating lies. You can lend a hand depending on your mood. Tip: do not only use the technique while sitting and move your hands up and down, but also try it on your knees or while standing. Don't move your hands now, move your hips back and forth, thrusting your hands. This technique is especially good for simulating real sex.
  5. It's all a matter of the head: your glans is very sensitive and masturbation at this point is especially nice for young men, as there are a lot of nerves to be found here. When masturbating, enclose your glans from above with your fingers and place your fingertips on the point where your penis shaft merges into the glans and now move your fingers / hand up and down with scratching movements. As you move up, bring your fingertips together at the tip of the penis. Another method is to place your palm on the tip of your penis and let it circle. Hold your penis by the shaft with the other hand. This is recommended for both methods Dr. Summer team Lubricant, as the glans is very sensitive.

How to masturbate properly: what matters!

In addition, it can also be exciting when you yourself sexual fantasies while masturbating do. Be willing to experiment when masturbating: whether standing, lying down, in the bathtub or in the shower - try out where and how you like it best.


Masturbation for boys: even more variety

When it comes to masturbation, there are many ways to orgasm. How you masturbate is up to you. If you want to orgasm as quickly as possible, you will grip the penis more tightly and move your hand up and down the penis shaft faster. But if you want to savor your pleasure for as long as possible, move your hand sometimes slower, sometimes faster, increase the excitement and let it subside until you want to orgasm at some point.


This is how you masturbate without a foreskin

Most boys masturbate by gripping their penis and move your hand up and down so that the foreskin slides back and forth over the glans. It works in a similar way with circumcised boys:

  • You too grasp her penis with your hand. But because her foreskin is shortened, it can hardly or not at all be pushed back and forth. So that the hand can slide over the sensitive penis shaft anyway, many guys use some lotion or lubricant gel.
  • After a circumcision, every boy or man has to get to know his penis again and try out how it can be opened Rubbing or caressing responds. So if it doesn't work out as joyfully as it did before the circumcision - don't despair! After circumcision, it can take a few months to get used to the new situation. Until then, the only thing that really helps is trying out and practicing.

Masturbation has many names.

Onanism, masturbation, rubbing, wanking are just a few examples of many. Most of the terms describe how guys masturbate and what is done with the penis in the process. Having solo sex, pleasuring yourself, or scratching are descriptions that apply to both sexes. There are no words that only mean the woman's masturbation. Find out here where the individual terms come from and what exactly they are all about:

  • Most guys call masturbation "jerking off". The origin of the term has nothing to do with masturbation. Wank comes from the word grow and describes the back and forth hand movement when waxing (i.e. treating with wax) a floor, shoes or the like.
  • Masturbation / Onanism: The term onanism was derived from Onan, a biblical figure in the first book of Moses. In fact, Onan was not known because he satisfied himself, but because he pulled his penis out of the vagina shortly before orgasm, thus practicing the so-called coitus interruptus. According to an old Jewish law, he was supposed to father a child with his brother's widow, but had no desire to do so
  • Masturbate / masturbation: The term comes from Latin (manustupratio from manus "hand" and stuprum "fornication"). It is mostly used in written language, rarely in colloquial language, and describes the masturbation of men and women.
  • Ipsation: The term is hardly used today. It comes from the Latin (ipse = "self") and was mainly used in religious and later also in scientific contexts.
  • Autoerotic: Literally translated, it means something like: Eroticism with oneself. The term is still in use today and is often used in literature for masturbation.
  • Colloquial terms: scrubbing, rubbing, wanking, shaking off, jerking you off, picking you up, doing it yourself. . . - Such terms describe colloquially what happens during masturbation: Wanking, scrubbing or rubbing refers to the quick movements of the hand on the penis or clitoris. Shaking off means the ejaculation. "Jerking yourself off" describes the drooping of the penis after an orgasm. "Picking yourself up" means the stiffening of the penis when stimulated with the hand.

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