How much money are seiyuus paid

Spam is a vervige thing. However, some emails can be expensive. A few days ago one of my models received an email inviting me to a fashion show in the USA. Sounds great? Yes, but probably is Attempted fraud.

Also Photographers or other artists receive such emails from time to time. So that nobody gets ripped off unnecessarily, I'll put a few Methods that are used to try to get money out of people's pockets. Here is the (anonymized) email.


Bringing to your notice on the upcoming Star Now Fashion Show organized by XXXX XXX Agency Miami, Florida. And XXXX XXX Agency Miami, Florida, which this is their first Expo, is in search of MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES, Voice Overs, Voice Actors. We have properly inspected your profile / portfolio and feel you are good enough to be in the XXXX XXX Fashion Show. This EXPO starts from JUNE 10th - 15th 2008 in Miami, Florida, USA.

This EXPO is organized as an Indoor Show and not announced to the public and not also publicized online because this is one of the first and we don’t want too much awareness to the public for now, so its strictly for invited guest. Italian designer Giorgio Armani would be present and so many other designers.

MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES, Voice Overs, Voice Actors are presently needed in this EXPO and this would give you opportunities to show your talents and equally expose you to Big Modeling Firms and Agencies that would be present.

It also creates forum for exchange of ideas, lucrative offers and contacts among all the invited MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES, Voice Overs, Voice Actors from different part of the world (because we are also hiring few International Models).

Selected MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES would be paid a total sum of $ 5,200 USD for this 5 days show. If passed our online selection process, Models would be taking part in 15,30, and 60 second TV Commercials, Runways and Billboards. And Actor and Actress would be need for some Sponsors Film Advert and Casting. All Travel Expenses, Food and Accommodations / Hotel to Star Now Fashion Show would be covered by XXXX XXX Agency.

MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES, Voice Overs, Voice Actors are required to pay a compulsory “Expo Reimbursed Fee” of $ 600 USD (Note this is not and upfront payment but a Fee made compulsory for this Expo to make it Tax Free and no additional charges would be required of any sort and also reimbursed).

Also please note that the “Expo Reimbursed Fee” of $ 600 USD is refunded upon your arrival, this fee serves as a guarantee of you showing up for the Fashion Show.

Not only will this be a well paid and fun job, but hired and selected MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES, Voice Overs, Voice Actors will be in consideration for a nationwide modeling tour will be in consideration for a nationwide modeling tour. If you want to come as MODELS, DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES, Voice Overs, Voice Actors in the XXXX XXX Fashion Show INDICATE YOUR TALENT

Submit the listed information’s below:

Reply back with complete stats and photos, including head shot and swimsuit photos in your next e-mail. Please list any training or experience, (none is OK).

Street Address:
City / state / zip code:


Please submit your resume. Include a link to all your online portfolios and any you know. (Compulsory). We welcome all novice and aspiring models, actors and actresses. If you have a friend you think would be qualified to be selected for this EXPO please let him contact us and send requires information’s.

We will be conducting an online screening with your provided information’s. If selected you’ll hear back from us through Phone or email with what next thing to do. Feel Free to glance through or register through our website:
http: //www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please call us on +1 (414) xxxx xxxx or call our consultancy office on + 44xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Warmest regards,
Model agent / organizer

Some details that apart from the spelling (“with what next thing to do") Make you suspicious:

Who that money pays, most likely won't see it again and look stupid at the airport. The model then kept his hands off the matter because only pre-prepared standard emails were sent to every request.

This trick is also used in a modified form by photographers.

A version is that photos or the like are bought by the photographer by check or money order and too much is paid. The difference should be transferred to an account and later the check will then fail. This trick works especially in the US, as checks are rarely used in Europe.

A second version is that a commission is charged for the above sale.

Another version is similar to the model rip-off described above. The photographer is enticed with a large shooting assignment in exotic locations (Jamaica, the Caribbean, Florida, ...). A large sum is promised or the photographer's price is asked and approved.

Before that, however, the photographer should pay a fee, which is named differently, usually on the grounds that it should be ensured that the photographer also appears. The sum would be repaid later, which of course is never the case.

Examples of these scams and a few other versions are explained here, here, here, and here.

Have you already received similar emails?