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Snow chaos: Several US states declare a state of emergency

In several US states, the authorities have declared a state of emergency because of unusually cold temperatures and blizzards. The weather warning applies in Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Texas. In total, around 150 million citizens are called to stay in their houses and apartments.

The National Weather Service spoke of "unprecedented, far-reaching, dangerous winter weather" from one coast to the other. In Oregon the power went out in around 300,000 households, in Texas the power outages affected around 4.4 million households, according to the website poweroutage.us.

In the southern state in particular, the winter weather causes chaos, as sub-zero temperatures are usually the exception here. The Texas network agency announced a shutdown of parts of the power grid to prevent a complete breakdown of the supply.

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Governor Greg Abbott announced the deployment of the National Guard. This is used to bring freezing people from their homes to one of the 135 thermal centers that have been set up. There are around 3,300 state police officers, almost 600 members of the military, four-wheel drive vehicles from the forest administration and 700 snow plows in use.

The disaster control agency Fema should also support the local authorities in Texas. Serious traffic accidents occurred in many places. Several flights were canceled in the cities of Dallas and Austin, and the airport in Houston was completely closed.

The New York Times and local media reported that some of the blackouts were due to frozen wind turbines. Wind power is an important source of energy in Texas. Corona vaccinations could not take place as planned in numerous affected cities, reported the television station CNN.

The cold front is said to continue, and another snow storm is expected in the region on Wednesday.