What are good KPIs for hotel management

Important online metrics for hotels

More sales through more website visitors
More sales - the goal of every hotelier. What factors contribute to sales beyond your own
Website are important and which key performance indicators (KPIs) are important for this
Provide insights, we explain in this article.

With these three indicators can you get one Overview of the economic success of your
Hotel website create and possible weak points through monthly reviews early enough
discover: traffic, Conversion rate, shopping cart and distribution costs.
The traffic indicator shows the number of visitors to your website. This number should be increasing all the time
move up, because the more website visitors, the more revenue is possible. The
Website visitors should always be in relation to the Conversion rate (= booking rate) considered
The more visitors to the website, the higher the conversion rate should be. Remains
the visitor rate is stable, but the conversion rate increases, then you have achieved more sales. At the
However, it is best if you realize both: higher traffic and higher conversion
The key figure for measuring success is effective commission (distribution costs) also
essential. It consists of the marketing costs (e.g. Google advertising,
Search engine optimization ...) and infrastructure costs (e.g. for the manufacturer of your
Booking engine). Adding up this results in your total costs. By using the
Total costs through your turnover (website bookings, inquiries by phone, email inquiries,
Voucher requests, restaurant and wellness reservations ...), you will receive one
Percentage. This should be on a level similar to what you would expect from online
Booking portals (OTAs) pay.

More overview and transparency through regular reports
We recommend interim reports so that you can interpret the data in the key figures correctly
(= Reports) to be created. Three sources can be used for this:

  1. Google Analytics: The conversion rate and sales can be measured, however
    the numbers are never completely correct. If google analytics wrong in the website
    is integrated or if website visitors block Google Analytics in the browser, then
    corrupted data occurs. Cancellations cannot be made in Google Analytics either
    are recorded.
  2. Booking engine: The booking system provides you with a detailed overview of the
    Bookings and cancellations.
  3. Property Management System PMS: In the hotel management system you can only enter data
    after the arrival of the guest. But that doesn't help, because in e-commerce
    you always have to look at the day of booking.

Which data belong in a report?
The permanent monitoring supports you in recognizing in which area something is
improved or worsened so that you can then find out why.
Weak points in your website can thus be identified early enough and suitable
Countermeasures can be taken.
Important KPIs in the report are:

  • Number of website visitors
  • Number of bookings
  • Number of nights booked
  • sales
  • Conversion rate
  • shopping cart
  • Length of stay
  • Sales per visitor: sales divided by the number of website visitors. That is the most important
    Factor because you need to know how many visitors you have on your website and how many
    Every single website visitor brings you sales.
  • Effective commission (distribution costs)

If you need help with Google Analytics and with the evaluation of your most important key figures, we are happy to assist you?