What are the characteristics of Tigerwood Decking

Tigerwood decking

The tiger meanders through your garden in an extravagant and noble way. With a Tigerwood wooden terrace you get an extraordinary terrace wood on your balcony or terrace, which impresses with its color, toughness and strength just like its Asian namesake.

The special thing about the wooden terrace Tigerwood:

  • An expressive terrace wood:
    The light brown Tigerwood decking with its characteristic black stripes is particularly expressive and lively. The noble terrace wood, which is also sold under the name Muiracatiara or Guarita, embodies the tiger like no other terrace wood. Tigerwood comes from South America and is a widespread tree species (Peru to Bolivia). The color spectrum of the South American wood ranges from red to orange and darkens over time. Together with the black striped grain in the twisting growth, it ensures that very special wow effect!
  • Tigerwood decking is durable and tough:
    Thanks to their excellent wood properties, Tigerwood boards are very durable and long-lasting (durability class 1-2). Muiracatiara decking has a natural resistance to pests such as woodworms or fungi. Gentle and slow drying is particularly important for Tigerwood decking - naturally a matter of course for WOHNGESUND.
  • Well suited for outdoor areas:
    Since a Tigerwood or Muiracatiara terrace floor tolerates moisture and humidity well, they are ideal for outdoor use. Tigerwood is therefore not only optically very well suited as terrace wood - e.g. for wooden terraces, balconies or pool surrounds.

The extravagant terrace boards in tiger look

Tigerwood or Muiracatiara decking boards are exquisite and particularly seduce with their eye-catching appearance. You are making an excellent choice with this durable, durable and resilient terrace wood! Tigerwood is very popular with our customers, not only as terrace flooring, but also as Tigerwood parquet or Muiracatiara parquet. Please note, however, that Tigerwood terrace wood turns gray quickly. With regular care (oil) you can prevent a little.

The Tigerwood / Muiracatiara wooden terrace by WOHNGESUND in detail:

  • Durability: permanent to very permanent
  • Surface: optionally smooth or grooved
  • Oxidation: color change medium
  • Brinell hardness: 43 N / mm²
  • Dimension: 20 x 100-125 x 900-3600 mm
  • Swelling and shrinking behavior: low
  • Disadvantages: becomes grayer over time, washouts possible

Wooden terraces from WOHNGESUND:

Rely on the expertise of WOHNGESUND for your garden and terrace design!

  • We rely on proven terrace wood:
    WOHNGESUND relies exclusively on terrace wood of durability class 1, which has proven itself in both shipbuilding and garden design. The use of raw wood that has been dried for several months is a matter of course for us.
  • Your wooden terrace expert:
    Benefit from our 25 years of experience with wooden terraces, WPC terraces, pool surrounds, roof terraces and balcony floors. WOHNGESUND relocates around 30,000m² of terraces, balconies and pool surrounds per year.
  • Advice on terrace design:
    It doesn't matter whether you want to build your wooden terrace yourself or would like support from our competent installation team: we will be happy to advise you! Visit one of our showrooms in Vienna 7th or Vienna 3rd, Gerasdorf, Wr. Neustadt or Graz and let us show you the different designs and colors of our wooden terraces!

Do you have any questions about Tigerwood decking?

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