What makes your grandmother so special

7 reasons why grandma is simply the best ♥

What would we be without our grandparents? They are always there for us, take care of us and would also give their last shirt for their grandchildren. Often it is our grandma who is a huge part of our life. She is by our side from an early age, supports us wherever she can, and shows us from childhood to adulthood what love, security and family mean.

And because the 2nd Sunday in October is "Omatag", we have collected 7 reasons why Grandma is simply the very best - even if we could think of 100 more reasons!

1. Grandma makes us happy and gives us security.

Who does not know that: You enter Grandma’s house, she greets you exuberantly and you immediately feel safe. Why is that? It could be the familiar smell, the warm cordiality or the relaxed calm that our grandmother exudes. But no matter what it is, it is next to impossible to be sad or unhappy in grandma's presence.

2. She knows the best stories.

"Grandma, tell us about the past!" No wonder that this sentence is used so often. Because nobody tells such great stories as grandma. She has already seen a lot and the anecdotes from her childhood and youth often amaze children and grandchildren.

3. So that nobody is missing something, grandma sometimes does without.

When there are only four pieces of cake left for five people, Grandma suddenly says stiffly that she doesn't want any cake. Because for a grandmother, the welfare of her family and those around her is more important than her own. And that's exactly what makes them so wonderful!

4. You always have a piece of childhood with your grandma.

We don't just love our grandma when we are children. Also - or especially - as adults we long for it. Because even if the visits are decreasing and our own life interferes far too often, it is a real gift for us when we can visit our grandmother. It reminds us of the past, carefree time and we feel like children again.

5. Grandma always has something to snack on ...

... and all without a guilty conscience! Because while mom sometimes still slaps us on the fingers with the second piece of cake, we are always allowed to chew on Grandma's. She doesn't reprimand us - on the contrary! It is important to her that all of the grandchildren go home full and full in the end.

6. Grandma has an almost inexhaustible patience.

Peace comes with age - there could be something to this saying. Because grandmas never lose patience, they radiate complete calm. In hectic everyday life, it is simply nice when someone takes time for us without us feeling rushed.

7. Grandma knows the best recipes.

It is the dishes that we grew up with and that grandma simply conjures up the best. Even 20 years later, when she serves us our favorite dish from childhood days, it tastes better than any meal in a 5-star restaurant!

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