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Sansa Stark

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Sansa Stark


Little pigeon

Little bird
Sansa Lannister (formerly)
Alayne (formerly)
Sansa Bolton (formerly)
Lady Bolton (formerly)


{Eddard Stark} - father

{Catelyn Stark} - mother
Jon Snow - cousin
{Robb Stark} - brother
Arya Stark - sister
Bran Stark - brother
{Rickon Stark} - brother
Tyrion Lannister - first husband (Marriage not consummated)
{Ramsay Bolton} - Second husband
{Brandon Stark} - paternal uncle
{Benjen Stark} - uncle, paternal side
{Lyanna Stark} - Paternal aunt
{Rhaegar Targaryen} - uncle, married
{Petyr Baelish} - Uncle, married
Edmure Tully - maternal uncle
{Lysa Arryn} - aunt, maternal
{Jon Arryn} - Uncle, married
Robin Arryn - cousin
{Rickard Stark} - grandfather, paternal side
{Hoster Tully} - grandfather, maternal
{Minisa Tully} - Grandmother, maternal
{Talisa Maegyr} - sister-in-law
{Cersei Lannister} - sister-in-law (formerly)
{Jaime Lannister} - brother-in-law (formerly)
{Tywin Lannister} - father-in-law (formerly)
{Joffrey Baratheon} - nephew (married); fiance (formerly)
{Myrcella Baratheon} - niece (formerly)
{Tommen Baratheon} - Nephew (formerly)
{Roose Bolton} - father-in-law (formerly)

{Walda Bolton} - steps-in-law (formerly)


Sansa Stark is one of the main characters of game of Thrones. She is played by Sophie Turner and first appeared in "Winter is coming", the first episode of the first season.

Sansa Stark is the eldest daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and his wife Catelyn Stark. During her imprisonment in King's Landing, she witnessed her father's execution. She was later married to Tyrion Lannister without her consent. After her escape from the capital and her stay in the Green Valley, Petyr Baelish sold her to the Boltons, whereupon she had to marry Ramsay Bolton. Sansa made sure that the Knights of the Green Valley for them at the Battle of the Bastards fight, which was crucial to the Starks' victory. After both the Night King and Cercei Lannister were defeated, Bran "the Broken" was elected King of the Six Kingdoms. Sansa declared the north independent and has since resided on Winterfell as "Queen of the North".

In the series


Sansa is the oldest daughter of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She has three brothers (Robb, Bran and Rickon) and a younger sister, Arya, with whom she rarely gets along well. She is also Jon Schnee's cousin. She received a direwolf from her father, whom she baptized Lady. However, after an argument between Prince Joffrey and Arya, Lady was executed on the orders of Cersei Lannister, the mother of Joffrey. She was engaged to Joffrey Baratheon, who succeeds Robert Baratheon as King of the Seven Kingdoms. This marriage should strengthen the connection between the houses of Baratheon and Stark and was canceled due to the alliance with House Tyrell during the War of the Five Kings. She was therefore married to Tyrion Lannister, Joffrey's uncle, but the marriage is never consummated. On the evening of the Crimson Wedding, she left King's Landing and was brought to Hohenehr in the Green Valley by Petyr Baelish. She temporarily takes on a new identity as Little Finger's niece and calls herself "Alayne". Baelish brokered Sansa to Ramsay Bolton and her second marriage became valid under land law as it was consummated.

Sansa is good at sewing and embroidery. She is also interested in poetry and music. At first she is ridiculed by some because she is very naive. Sansa later develops into a survival fighter.

season 1

Together with other girls and her sister Arya, Sansa is embroidering. She is praised by Septa, Mordane for her excellent work, while her sister is bored and interested in the boys' archery exercises taking place in the courtyard at the same time.

When Sansa's brothers find the motherless direwolf pups, Sansa gets one and names him Lady. She stands at the side of her family when the king and his court arrive. King Robert Baratheon praises her beauty and Sansa smiles at Prince Joffrey Baratheon, who is watching her with interest. Her older brother Robb looks at it suspiciously. During King Robert's visit to Winterfell, he offers Eddard Stark the position of the King's hand. He also offers an alliance between their homes through a wedding with Prince Joffrey and Sansa. Sansa is delighted and is eager to marry Joffrey. She begs her mother to talk to her father about it while she gets ready for the party. Marrying a prince is the only thing she ever wanted, according to Sansa.

At the big banquet, Sansa introduces herself to the Queen, who admires her handmade dress. Cersei wants to know if Sansa is already bleeding, whereupon Sansa looks confused at her mother and then shakes her head. Cersei asks her to sew a dress for her and Sansa says goodbye with a proud smile. She talks excitedly about it with her friend Jeyne Pool, but suddenly her little sister throws food at her and is put to bed by her brother as a punishment. Humiliated, Sansa wipes the leftover food off her face.

Her father agrees to the engagement and travels with his daughters to King's Landing to serve as the king's hand.[1]

At the Inn on the Crossroads, Joffrey offers Sansa a walk after meeting Ser Ilyn Payn. They find Arya and Mycah, a butcher's son, who train sword fighting. Joffrey starts threatening Mycah with the sword and cutting in the face for hurting Arya. When Mycah starts bleeding, Arya attacks Joffrey. When he tries to attack Arya, Nymeria steps in and bites Joffrey's hand. Arya, Nymeria and Mycah escape while Joffrey sits on the floor crying and asks Sansa for help. Sansa is asked by the king to describe what happened, but she says that she cannot remember. Queen Cersei demands the execution of Nymeria. When it becomes known that Nymeria has disappeared, Lady is supposed to die for it. King Robert accepts this and demands the execution of Lady. Eddard does the deed himself.[2]

Once in King's Landing, Sansa is still angry with Arya and her father. Eddard tries to appease her by giving her a doll. However, she reacts negatively and says that she has not played with dolls for years. Eddard explains to Arya that Sansa cannot betray Joffrey as the two are going to get married.[3]

Septa Mordane shows Sansa the throne room of the Red Keep as part of a history lesson. Sansa says that her grandfather and uncle were killed by the mad king here. She is afraid that Joffrey will not be able to give birth to sons, but Mordane calms her down and says that this is very unlikely.[4]

At the tournament of the hand, Sansa is shocked that Ser Gregor Clegane kills Ser Hugh. Littlefinger tells Sansa the story of how Gregor Sandor burned Clegane's face when they were little. Baelish warns against telling the story any further.[4] Sansa receives a flower from Ser Loras Tyrell before he competes against Gregor Clegane.[5]

Joffrey visits Sansa while she is knitting with Septa Mordane. He apologizes for his behavior on the royal road and kisses her. He also gives her a necklace. Eddard later explains to Sansa that he, she and her sister will be returning to Winterfell and that the engagement between her and Joffrey will be broken off. However, Sansa refuses and says that she loves Joffrey. She says she wants to be his queen and give birth to beautiful blond children for him. He would be a good king and a golden lion. When Arya says that he is not a lion but a deer, Sansa replies that he is not a bit like his father. Through this, Eddard realizes that Joffrey cannot possibly be Robert's son. He sticks to his mind and wants to go back to Winterfell with his daughters, despite Sansa's protests.[6]

King Robert dies in a hunting accident. Eddard then wants to reveal the truth about King Joffrey, but he is betrayed by Littlefinger and imprisoned.[7] All the strongmen in the capital are killed, including Septa Mordane, who protects Sansa and tells Sansa to lock herself in her room. Sandor Clegane brings Sansa to Cersei Lannister. Sansa demands mercy for her father. Cersei believes Sansa, but only when she tells her brother to kneel in front of Joffrey and swear allegiance to him. Robb, however, refuses and marches south to war with his vassals. Sansa demands mercy for her father again, this time in front of the entire court. Joffrey agrees and says he would show him mercy if he admits that Joffrey is the rightful king.[8]

At his trial, Eddark Stark admits his actions and swears allegiance to Joffrey. However, Joffrey claims his head. While Sansa begs Joffrey to keep him alive, she watches as Ser Ilyn Payn executes her father.[9]

A few days later, Sansa is present when the singer Marillion's tongue is removed because he wrote a disrespectful song. Joffrey leads Sansa to the Traitor Trail and shows her her father's impaled head. He also shows her the head of Septa Mordane. Joffrey says that her brother Robb's head will soon be hanging there too. Sansa, however, tells him that Robb might also impal Joffrey's head here. For this remark, Joffrey asks Meryn Trant to hit her. Sansa tries to prop Joffrey down the slope, but Sandor Clegane prevents him from using the excuse to wipe the blood from her lips.[10]

season 2

At a smaller tournament in honor of Joffrey's name day, Sansa sits next to the king as a fiancé. Joffrey watches with satisfaction as the bloodhound throws a man down the castle wall and asks Sansa for her opinion, who, with reddened eyes, says the same thing he said before, which Joffrey notes with annoyance. During the next fight, Ser Dontos Hollard appears completely drunk and Joffrey forcibly infuses him with wine as punishment, so that Dontos threatens to suffocate. Sansa shouts in horror that Joffrey is not allowed to do this. In anger, he turns to her, but she manages to excuse herself that it is bad luck to kill someone on their name day. Sandor Clegane agrees and Joffrey makes Dontos his court jester instead. Suddenly Tyrion Lannister appears. Myrcella and Tommen are happy, but Joffrey doesn't seem enthusiastic. Tyrion offers condolences to Sansa. Joffrey intervenes and says Sansa does not mourn because her father was a constant traitor. He turns meaningfully to Sansa, who agrees with him. She also names her mother and brother and proclaims her loyalty to Joffrey. Her eyes are red again. [11]